Friday, July 13, 2018

Random movie July 13th 2018

Movie: Hotel Transylvania 3 Summer Vacation
starring: Adam Sandler, Kevin James
genre: Comedy, Cartoon, Action, Adventure,
year: 2018
format: Cinema


plot: The gang - Drac, Murray, Frank, Wayne and Griffin are being hunted by Van Helsing, in 1897. The guys end up having to disguise themselves as women in order to sneak on a train. But Van Helsing realizes it's them and chases Drac in all his animal forms. (rat, bat, wolf etc) They eventually end up on a cliff and Van Helsing falls to what we believe is his doom.  Fast Forward to present day, and the gang are at the hotel for another wedding. Drac finds himself the last single monster of the entire group, and begins to feel just how lonely it can be. Mavis decides to cheer him up by planning a surprise vacation for everyone, refusing to tell Drac anything about where they are going. They end up on a cruise in the Bermuda Triangle where Drac meets the captain- Erica. He soon finds himself falling in love with her, and unable to do much of anything around her. Wanting to know if she feels anything for him, he secretly follows her one night after the ship docks, only to have to save her life more than once. While this is going on, Wayne and Wanda are attacked and drugged by Abraham Van Helsing back on the cruise ship, and the kids - Dennis and Winnie are trying to hide the fact they broke the rules by bringing along their puppy. Erica, unknown to anyone, is a Van Helsing, and comes to regret her family's grudge against Drac. Before long, she finds herself falling in love with Drac as well, but Mavis just doesn't trust Erica. Specially after Erica unleashes the deadly Kracken; who the Van Helsings can control with music. It's up to Johnny with his skill for DJ-ing to find the right song that will break the spell and save the day. Once everyone is back home in Transylvania, Drac asks Erica to marry him.

Okay, so there is a lot going on in this movie. It's moved from the typical buddy comedy the franchise has been known for in the first two films, and is a big action-adventure story complete with a Raider's of the Lost Ark style scene. And keeping with the nautical theme, instead of the henchmen being zombies as in the first two, we've got fish-men. They are fish heads with feet.

The timeline is not given, but we know a few years have past because the werewolves have a new litter of kids, expressed with the addition of the second female werewolf. (Winnie having been the only one in the first two movies)  And we've got a role reversal with Mavis being overprotective of Drac's love life; letting us explore the jealousy and feeling of abandonment a lot of kids have when their parents re-marry.

I am torn on this one. I really love the first two in the series, and have literally been waiting for this one to hit cinemas, but it left me little disappointed. There were so many characters that were just left out of the story that we've come to see as main ones. Like Frankenstein, Murray, Wayne and Johnny that were barely there this time around. As the story arch comes full circle with one of the Draculas falling in love with a human, this one feels like it got too wrapped up in being bigger.

Honestly, I am hoping for a fourth film that deals with Dennis and Winnie.

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