Thursday, September 13, 2018

Coffee Talk Sept 13th 2018

Spudguns! How's it on your end today? Great spiffy, happy to hear that.

We are 48 Days till Hallowe'en, and I have absolutely nothing to talk about whatsoever. Just thought I needed to come in and post something.  Just when things were getting nice here weather wise, we ended up this week with another mini heatwave. Blah! Not happy about that.

I am officially in the busiest time of the year for me. Hallowe'en season/October season. Yes, I know we're still in September, but that's neither here or there. There's holiday baking, gift baskets, get togethers, decorating etc, to get done. This is the first time though, that I'm turning 90% of it into blog posts/vlogs. So there's that.

Right, moving on. There should be a serial this weekend (Sunday Sept 16th 2018) and at lest one What that Movie Inspired Me to Do middle of next week.

Okay, that about covers today. I'll be back on the weekend.

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