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The Nosferatu Adventures s13 p17

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 347, chapter 347

The Seer snapped his fingers freezing the hallway. "You've got less than 30 seconds before they unfreeze, you need to leave." he grabbed our heroine's wrist as he was speaking, and bit down hard.

"Damn it!" she pulled back from him nearly hissing.  The Seer wasn't paying attention to her sudden rant, instead just waved his hand causing someone's water bottle they'd been holding to fly twenty feet across the hallway. Grabbing it in midair, he bit his finger squeezing a few droplets of blood into it.

"Drink this after you go through the portal. It will link us psychically for a few minutes. I've got a lot to fill you in on, and blood swap is the fastest way." he nodded towards the props room. "Nosferatu, I'm serious! Every second you're here, the more dangerous the situation will become." he gestured towards the burly ex-boyfriend wide eyed. The Seer sighed then making a shoving gesture sending our heroine flying backward into the props room.

"Come on. We'd better go." Edric mumbled grabbing Seward by the collar of his shirt and dragging him along. The male hybrid shoved his sire through the mirror wanting nothing but to get her as far away from her exes as possible.   The three landed in a heap on the ground.

"Shack!" our heroine growled as she rubbed her elbow. "Not cool."  She stood then, brushing the dirt from her, before opening the plastic water bottle downing the mixture. "Gross." she stuck her tongue out grabbing the canvas bag from Seward feeling the extreme desire to hold onto the spellbook.

"The Seer's blood?" Edric asked getting to his feet looking around, realizing they were not in the warehouse. "Uh where are we?"

"No. Gross the Seer's blood in vodka. I hate vodka. Whoever this had belonged to, they were drinking on the job." she barely got the sentence out when she sucked in a large gasp. Her eyes turned then to the pure white of the banshee. Images flashed in a crazy 3D effect in front of her. She saw Loki in chains being tortured; which rapidly turning into an image of Damen being struck with an energy ball from Odin, another image overtook that one of someone trapped in stone but she was unable to make out their features, which quickly melted into a vision of complete destruction. A grown up William stood in the middle of a burnt circle, bodies smoking around him, blood covering him like muddy paint, Reuben's heart in his hand. That shifted just as rapidly to an image of Edric in the bathroom of the warehouse talking to someone in the mirror.

Our heroine then heard the Seer's voice ask if she could hear him?   

"Yes." she spoke out loud trying to get her barrings. Seward reached for the canvas bag again gingerly taking it from her, and the plastic bottle dropping it into the bag. The look on his face was shock as he continued to look around, trying to figure out where they were as well.

"William can be stopped. But you need your soul back first."

"I don't want my soul back. I had to go through a lot to get rid of it." she started to answer but The Seer's voice spoke over her's.

"It's the only way to keep William from growing up to become king. You have to get your soul back and accept the werewolf part of you again. You have to activate the Frankenstein family curse. Only two kids per generation. The man you saw Edric talking to in the mirror must be born. A Van Helsing must be born so that William dies."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Bet you didn't see that coming eh?)

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