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The Nosferatu Adventures s13 p20

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 350, chapter 350


Astrid slid out of the bed as carefully as she could not wanting to wake Bart...Bert...Ben? Didn't matter, she had no intention of seeing him again. She needed to get home, the babysitter was only suppose to stay till midnight and it was almost 1am. Grabbing the white slacks from the floor she kept her head down avoiding the thin scarf she had insisted he use to cover the mirror. Finding her boots she tiptoed her way through the house avoiding the other two mirrors in the hallway as well. She didn't breathe until she was outside, her back flat against the door, her boots still in one hand, her purse and slacks in the other. Quickly she got dressed on the porch before realizing she left the scarf.  "Shack. What am I going to do about my hair?" she shrugged to herself as she started to head towards the center of town. She hadn't had much time to herself since the baby had been born. Single mom having to work two jobs just to keep up, it didn't help any that since her grandmother died last year, the job of Librarian had become hers. Astrid hated mirrors now, and almost never used them to see herself. Her grandmother had told her not too worry about that, that only the one in the sewing room was magick, but none the less, the very idea that at any moment the white fog might activate any random mirror freaked her out. Remembering that they were out of milk, she crossed through the park heading towards the 24 hour grocery. And that's when see saw them. Three figures moving across the park, like an overexposed negative. Two men and a woman walked out of thin air. Only it wasn't anymore, there was a swirling mass behind them in the middle of the park. Shaking her head, Astrid cleared the vision away. But only for the briefest of seconds before it seemed to pick up again. But now they were no longer walking, they were sitting in the middle of a coffee shop huddled together, the tall thin male seeming very distressed.  "Why am I seeing this now?" she asked herself as she cautiously moved closer to the spot. Putting her palms up, she felt the heat coming from where the vision had taken place.  "Still warm like an oven after making bread." she whispered, her eyes wide. "So it hasn't been long less than an hour." she calculated that meant they must be close still. "Why now? Why here? Think girl what planets are doing what? Are we close to a solstice? What would cause..." she spotted a young couple heading towards her holding hands, the guy in faded bellbottom jeans no shoes, his chest exposed with his brown jacket open. The girl wearing the shortest pink and purple mini skirt Astrid had ever seen, and a fringed white top. Ducking her head Astrid blushed as she realized she had been not just talking to herself but talking out loud. Moving on through the park she made her way to the grocery; the smell of wet dog so overpowering she had to cover her mouth and nose. The mocha skinned twenty-three year old woman stopped suddenly as a rush of dizziness caused her to feel faint, forcing her to lean on the edge of the newspaper rack. Moving her hand then to her throat she froze in panic. Her had wasn't her own but that of an extremely pale person. She blinked trying to clear her head telling herself it was the vision still playing mind games with her. But when she did, she saw the two males sitting beside her at a coffee shop. Astrid was suddenly there, in the smoky building listening to the people around them, listening to the two males argue and plot, the voice of the one to her right so much louder that she needed to cover her ears, the smell of wet dog so heavy she wanted to gag.  Then Astrid was back in her own body, standing in the 24 hour grocery no one but herself and the teenaged checkout clerk.

When she got home fifteen minutes later, Astrid paid the babysitter and headed for her grandmother's sewing room. Removing the white sheet she had placed over the mirror before leaving for the night, she let out a deep breath. The familiar sight of the other side of the mirror was both comforting and frightening as Edmund Gaerwn looked up from the large spellbook he was studying. "Astrid?"  he closed the book still leaning on the table. "Is there something the matter?"

"I'm not sure? I was out just now and ...a portal opened up. Three people came through." she raised her hand palm towards the mirror. "Now before you say anything, I saw it in a vision. It had already happened, but I'm guessing it happened near where I was. Two of them were not human."

"What were they?" Edmund asked as he stood straight his piercing blue eyes demanding.

"My best guess, wolf. The smell of wet dog was unmistakable."

"Are you sure? Lycanthropes can not open portals. They would have needed an extremely powerful witch or a...banshee." a seductive smile crossed his lips. "Find them. Bring them there to the mirror I need to see them, to speak to them."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. I know I promised you guys this one back few months ago. But I'm still catching up on stuff )

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