Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 6

Movie: Barcelona
Starring: Taylor Nichols, Chris Eigeman
Genre: Comedy, Drama,
Year: 1994
Format: VHS

Plot: Two cousins living in Barcelona find themselves butting heads while trying to figure out if they want to stay with their current overseas romances. 

There is a scene where the two cousins, Fred and Ted, are having a conversation about dating beautiful girls vs plain girls. Ted believes it's best to stay away from beautiful girls because following your hormones can lead to horrible outcomes.

This is the second of the Whit Stillman trilogy of films.  Both Chris Eigeman and Taylor Nichols co-starred in the first one Metropolitan but only Eigeman continued on to co-star in the third installment, The Last Days of Disco; in which Nichols had a small cameo.

The trilogy itself is an interesting story that is nonlinear, planting Barcelona somewhere near the actual end of the 1980's after the events of both Metropolitan and The Last Days of Disco, but cris-crosses that storyline by having actor Chris Eigeman playing a completely different characters in all three films. 

What do I think I learned from this film?
It's very easy to misjudge others because of the media that we are given outside of the situation. Communication is something that is subject to the understanding of the person and not always the way it's suppose to come across.
It also asks the question of do we want something/someone because we actually want it/them or because it looks shinny belonging to someone else?

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