Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 300

Hallowe'en Week 

movie: The Craft
starring: Robin Tunney, Skeet Ulrich
genre: Horror
year: 1996
format: DVD

plot: Four high school students have the ability to control the elements, and begin to take revenge on the rest of the school who have bullied them.

The movie that caused a generation to get into magick. The chills are there and the drama is high.
Classic witch film, classic revenge film.

Meant to be a very empowering film for women, it deals with self esteem, self respect and finding your voice.
There is a scene where one of the lead characters is nearly raped and manages to get away, this sets off a chain reaction with another character who takes the insult to the extreme.

This is a movie about power. The power of jealousy, about the heart, and the desire for power. The characters feel like they have no voice, that no one is listening to them. And it takes the extreme breakdowns each goes through before they feel they've been heard.

This is also hollywood's version of the nature of other religions. For as much  as special effects are used to show the magick in the film, it does deliver some of the actual elements of Paganism.

what do i think i learned from this film?
You must always be aware of what you are doing, as everything in life has a duel nature. A crush can turn to hatred in the blink of an eye, and when you're emotionally involved in anything it will seem like it's a million times worse then it really is.
Bullying/abuse is still an issue that everyone needs to help stop.

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