Sunday, November 18, 2012

Day 322

movie: Daddy Day Care
starring: Eddie Murphy, Jeff Garlin
genre: Comedy
year: 2003
format: TV EDIT

plot: Two out of work corporate businessmen decide to open their own day care center after seeing the lack of choices available in their neighbourhood, and end up having to prove themselves over and over again to the competition

This was one of those last minute choices while I was flipping channels.  Surprisingly, it ended up being a lot funnier then I was thinking it would be.
In the tradition of Mr. Mom, it's a series of misfited mistakes that proves when you have no other choice, a dad can handle the day to day.

I wasn't too sure what to expect given most Eddie Murphy movies I've seen over the decades have been thin on script and high on the f-word, but this was witty, funny and even sweet.  Even though this was a tv edit, I don't think it was missing any of the core plot.

I loved the addition of the Steve Zahn character with his depth of nerd-culture.  He played it in a way that even though it was cliche, it didn't feel it. 

what do i think i learned from this film?
Be honest with what it is you are doing, honest to those around you and to yourself, and you never know who it is that might end up missing you when you're gone.

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