Friday, November 16, 2012

Over coffee Nov 16th

Okay, I'm down to just over a month left with the one movie a day for the year challenge.
This is where it's going to get tough.   Seriously,  picking through movies now, to see what I haven't already done to this point in the year.
Even tougher once I say what I'm about to.

No more vampire movies for the rest of the year.

Yeah, you just read that right.  Maybe just one more next week, maybe not.  I'm totally planning on going after the weekend to see the final Twilight movie, but just not sure I'm going to use it for the challenge.

And you might be wondering why would I waste a movie specially this close to the end of the whole thing?

Because, I've got a few ideas for 2013.  Which has to do with vampire movies.

I'll be finalizing everything in a few weeks time. Just sort of getting stuff in order now for when the new year starts.

Till later...

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