Saturday, April 13, 2013

Movie Club Week 15

Okay guys, I've sort of got one this week.  I say sort of because, it's technically not a vampire movie, but a werewolf movie.
I've been thinking about what to pull for movie club, and started to compare traditional vs non-traditional vampire movies again, and thought I would step out of the box once again.  I'm throwing  Ginger Snaps  up here this week.  I know you're going Waaaaawhat?   But let me break it down a bit for you. 

We have two sisters who have been bullied for most of their lives, living in a small town in Canada. Both are obsessed with death and the morbidness life has to offer, like so many teenagers. The older gets her period for the first time, and rebels against the idea of it.
While out later that night, she gets attacked brutally by some sort of wild animal, and nearly dies. Within minutes, her wounds are healed and she says she feels nothing. No pain, no fear.
The younger sister managed to get a photo of the creature, and is sure something crazy is going on.
Over the course of the next few weeks, Ginger who was the one bitten, starts to change, becoming more aggressive, more sexual and more of a loner. Bridget, the younger sister is left having to clean up the mess that Ginger is making as she starts to become violent actually killing one of the girls at school who has been bullying them.
While this is going on, Bridget turns to the local drug dealer for help, as she watches her sister become involved with a few of the popular boys in school. Soon, one of the boys begins to show the same signs of change as Ginger. The two girls along with the drug dealer, have figured out that she was bitten by a werewolf and have little time before the next full moon to reverse it.
But Ginger's aggressiveness has hit a peak and she's killed more people. She then turns on Bridget infecting her.
The three of them end up in a show down that only Bridget survives. But it's too late by this point and she too begins to change into a werewolf.

Okay, so I thought I would take a look at this from the point of view of a vampire movie because of the aspects of the werewolfism being transferred by blood and a bite.  I know, most werewolf stories do rely on this method for their plot line, but not many draw the parallel with vampirism.
Werewolf stories and vampire stories go hand in hand with the idea that vampires can either control animals or transform into them.

I like the fact that this story has in it the theory that the werewolf bite is basically an infection that eats away at the blood of the host, like many modern vampire stories. (Dracula anyone?) And that it can be cured if the blood is purified. (again Dracula does the same thing with the idea of giving the victims transfusions)
Silver is also an strong element in both werewolf and vampire folklore.

okay that's it for tonight, till later

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