Saturday, April 27, 2013

Week 17 Movie Club

Okay, it's a Saturday night, I'm babysitting  and I'm scrambling for time to pull this off... vampire movie of the week...Hotel Transylvania (I don't think I used this for movie club yet?)
So this will be very very short.

We see Dracula building a castle in the middle of Transylvania, which will be a hotel for monsters.  Dracula has become afraid of humans, because they caused his wife to die in a fire. Dracula, now left as a single dad, is afraid of loosing the rest of his family and friends as well, and decides to create this private hotel.
On his daughter's 118th birthday, Dracula has a major all weekend party planned, having invited all the monsters. But Mavis, his daughter, wants to travel, and manages to talk Dracula into letting her go to the nearest village to see what humans are like. She ends up afraid of them and goes back home.
Soon, a human named Johnathan, stumbles upon the hotel and falls in love with Mavis.
Dracula is now worried about how the rest of the monsters will react if they learn a human is in the hotel, while trying to keep the young couple apart.
But, Mavis finds out the truth, that Johnathan is a human and Johnathan leaves.  As the monsters feel they are no longer safe in the hotel, Dracula realizes that he can not control everyone.  When he realizes that Mavis and Johnathan are really in love, Dracula, Frankenstein, the Wolfman, the Invisible Man and the Mummy, all race to the airport to stop Johnathan.
They all return to the hotel, and celebrate Mavis's birthday with a concert, just before Mavis and Johnathan go traveling around the world.

The point of the movie was that you never know who you're true love will be. Nor can you control everything to make it perfect, as there is no real way to have perfection.

Sorry it's a short post, but it's here tonight.  I've covered this movie in the original 1 movie a day for the year challenge (2012) and earlier in the year already on the vampire blog.

Okay, as I said, I'm babysitting, so I'm off.  
Till later

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