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The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p18

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 77, chapter 77

Our heroine grunted then asked what the Seer had to do with anything?  Nathaniel looked at her, then began reading from the book. "During the middle ages, a coven was blamed for a string of events that happened in Scotland. Fires, unexplained deaths, half  the kingdom drained of life.  One of them had written in her grimoire about having had dreams about a demon. Saying she saw him being reincarnated. She planted a curse on the demon, invoking the idea that what was done to them would be done to him in his next life.  This is his picture. If he's come back, that might explain why you're there."

No one said a thing for a few minutes, just sat there in stunned silence staring at the mirror. Until a large burp was heard from Dagan who was in the kitchen eating honey by the tablespoonful. "Good talk. Doesn't explain a damned thing." he crossed to the sofa, sitting on the arm of it.

"Dagan's got a point there. What's all that got to do with us living in Melinda's place?" our heroine asked.

"You are most likely sent to protect the family line."

Rolf stood up flicking his hair out of his face, cracking his neck. "I'm done listening." he slammed the door as he left the cabin.

"First of all..." Reuben interjected. "There is no family line to protect. This place was abandoned when we got here, the Seer having already seduced the entire coven having taken their powers. Second, he's been neutered. That side of him is under control since I turned him into a werewolf. My bloodline." Reuben's voice took on an angry edge, as he pointed to his chest.

"Hon, you can't ignore the fact he's pissed off a lot of people and every magical mobster is after him. The curse, explains a lot."

"But not why super librarian here thinks you being with us is connected to him being a threat to the kingdom. Imaginary threat." Dagan added. The three of them turned in unison to look at the mirror waiting for another answer.  Nathaniel didn't have one for them. "Okay, again good talk. Maybe we should take it up with your little cat friend? " Dagan said snarling.

"You have a familiar?"

"You could say that." the male cracked his neck as he started to play with the spoon in his hand. "But, don't think he'll be showing up around here anytime soon, will he sweetheart?" squinting his eyes, Dagan tossed the spoon the thirty feet having it land perfectly in the sink. "This guy showed up few days ago, claiming he was sent here to protect the witch who used to live here. A cat in human form. The only problem was, there was no witch to protect. She'd been dead a long time, then his witch mysteriously ends up dead. The familiar stuck in human form. He's been trying to twitch his whiskers at her ever since."

"Finn said he found his witch dead, along with a dead timber wolf." our heroine said closing her eyes, letting out a deep breath. "The timber wolf's eyes were...well empty. Like they had been removed with magic. He only brought that to our attention because of all the wolves dying around here."

Nathaniel looked up at her. "Wolves dying?"

Our heroine was about to say something else when they heard a roar from Rolf. She jumped from where she was sitting but Reuben shrugged, saying he didn't smell anyone else in the area, didn't hear anything but Rolf. Dagan agreed.  A few seconds later, Rolf gave another of his roars and this time, she did go to see if the werewolf was okay.
She found him in the corner of the back yard, an axe in hand splitting firewood, so angry that his shirt wasn't only missing, but there seemed to be a constant fog around his torso as the magic mist rolled off him.

"Does this have anything to do with me digging up your garden?" she asked as she slowly made her way to where he was.  Rolf didn't answer her just continued to pile up the firewood. Our heroine stood waiting for a few long minutes as she watched the very strong male start to calm down.

"It's just when grandfather time in there started talking about protecting that old witch's family...what does he know about it?" he slammed the axe into the chopping block then crossed to the nearest tree and started to punch it.  "Is he here? Huh? In the middle of it? Like we are, like I am." he punched the center of the tree his knuckles bleeding as splinters went flying in all directions. "Three weeks ago, I would have snapped the Seer's neck and ripped his throat open without thinking twice, but he's a member of the pack. That makes him family. None of us are perfect." he punched the tree again, cracking it in half, blood running from his knuckles down the middle of the bark.  Nosferatu took another step towards the large male reaching her own hand out to him.   Another howl escaped him, this time of pain from the electrical jolt he got when she touched him.

"Okay what was that?" our heroine asked grabbing her hand as pain suddenly shot up to her wrist.

The male bowed his head letting his hair cover his face. "Sorry, that was my fault I think." his voice dropped to a near whisper. "I was helping Ash plant new garlic flowers around the perimeter of his cabin to keep the raccoons out of his vegetable garden. I forgot to wash my hands." 

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story.)

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