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The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p24

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 83, chapter 83

Our heroine got up slowly, wiping at her t-shirt where Reuben had drooled on her, and walked deliberately out the door of the cabin. She made a low sound that was something between a grunt and a sigh of satisfaction as she leaned towards Ash. "All I did hon, was widen the rabbit hole." she let her pale slim fingers trace the hollow at his throat before moving her hand down his body.  She walked out of the building past Rolf who had to grab Reuben by the neck to hold him back.

"What the hell was all that about?" Rolf asked turning towards Ash.  The older werewolf shook his head in shock.

"I have no bloody idea?"

Nosferatu didn't stop to rest until she was back at the old witch's cabin. Grabbing her bag, she was about to drop in the new trinket she had grabbed from the spell book when Leo wasn't looking, but spotting the sheet over the magic mirror changed her mind. Removing the sheet, she waited for Nathaniel to appear.  Within seconds, his image popped up.


"What is this?" she held up the talisman in front of the mirror. "I found it in a spell book." the cord was leather, the talisman itself made of iron, the design a celtic knot with two dragons on top and bottom of it, surrounded by more celtic style knot-designs, and a rune engraved into the very center of it all.

"I have no idea." Nathaniel said as he moved closer to his side of the mirror in order to get a closer look.

"It was next to a spell I couldn't read. Something in I think Gaelic."

"And you decided to take it why?"

Our heroine shrugged as she rubbed her thumb over the design. "It just seemed to...want to be rescued. I just had to remove it from the book."

"And you have no idea why?" he asked as he started to pick up a large volume on his end, flipping through the pages searching for a drawing of the talisman.

"Not a clue. It literally felt like the spell book was blocking it, hurting it somehow. Can objects like this have a life of their own? Like a spirit or soul?"

"There are some cultures that it is." he pointed to the page of the large book. "It's apparently a family crest. A necklace was given as a wedding present to a woman back in the 1400's. Aurora. She was married to an Edmund Gaerwn." he cleared his throat. "Uh. Here's a picture of them." he turned the book around so that she could see the drawing. Our heroine nearly fell over when she spotted the couple in the drawing.

"That's impossible." she said pointing towards it with the hand still hanging onto the talisman.

"Anything is possible." Nathaniel remarked rolling his eyes as he turned the book around again to study it some more. "I think it's very possible that you were either related to her or dare I say, her. I mean, it clearly looks like you, only a few pounds lighter and with long hair. And why is the guy familiar to me? Where have I seen him before?" he started to flip through another book when she told him the male in the drawing was the Seer.  "Oh right, the reincarnated male the witch thought was a demon. And this suddenly vexes you?"

"We've become friends. This wasn't just some fluke, finding the necklace in one of his grandmother's spell books was it?"

Nathaniel crossed his arms, the book dangling from his hand. "I would wager that the talisman called you to it. Assuming it's been enchanted."

She held it up letting it twist with the movement. "Trust me, this is enchanted."


Dagan stood there scratching at his jaw, as the Seer walked around the spot where the body had been. There was nothing more then a few dark splotches on the ground.  "There was a body here only a half hour ago. And the head was over there. The black stuff..." Dagan began to make circles with his hands gesturing to the area. "Was everywhere. Bodies just don't disappear."

"Well they could if something was done magically to them."  the Seer then bent down touching the dark patch of ground hoping to get a vision. After ten minutes, he gave up and started to sniff the area thinking maybe his werewolf senses might dig up a lead. Again nothing.

The older werewolf tilted his head back, his eyes squinted together, eyebrows knitted in question, mouth slightly hanging a gap. "Why you so cold shoulder? You still upset about that neck thing?"
The Seer turned his eyes to look at him sideways as he crossed his arms over his chest.

"I can't believe that you claimed her as your mate? Well..." he closed his eyes shrugging. "Yeah, yeah I can."  he tilted his head opening his eyes again, hands now out at his sides palms up. "I would have done the same thing if I thought it would have secured me the position of pack alpha." 

Licking the corner of his mouth, Dagan smirked as he started to turn to walk away.  "This is about the female? Come on! I thought you were better then that." he gave a chuckle as he strolled away a few feet before turning back around on his heels, raising both arms straight up in the air. "You and me, we're friends, buddies, pals even. Family now." the smile on his face would have scared anyone else as he had let his eyes turn to the amber-grey of the wolf and his bottom fangs were suddenly gleaming. "Should have done it sooner. Should have secured that angle weeks ago. That whole full moon thing would never have happened, that stupid talking cat would never have happened. The thing with my uncle would never have happened."

"So why didn't you?"  Dagan nodded sniffing, running both hands through his hair a few times, not answering the Seer. "Seriously, what stopped you? You're the big bad wolf right? I mean, you put fear into the shadows, so what stopped you?" the Seer gave him one of his overly charming smiles to the point Dagan thought he actually saw a cartoon star sparkle on his perfectly white teeth.

"I...I don't want to talk about it anymore." he turned then and zipped off about twenty feet, leaving the Seer standing there hearing a faint whisper of Dagan singing a Garth Brooks song.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story.  Yes, okay I admit I was listening to "Friends in Low Places")

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