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The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p20

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 79, chapter 79

The caramel coloured wolf ran through the lower branches of the trees, his nose to the ground, having caught the scent of a deer. He'd never admit it to the others, but he liked hunting animals more then humans at times simply because they were faster. When he hunted humans, the werewolf found it too easy, they were slower, clumsy, but animals, double the speed, graceful, tactful. Always made it worth the chase.  He stopped cold when the scent of another werewolf invaded his nose.
Reuben relaxed when he realized the scent was familiar and headed in the direction it was coming from, his dinner would have to wait. He followed it north for a few minutes till he came to the edge of a small pond.
Cautiously the caramel wolf crept out of the darkness of the trees and over to the other werewolf.  Licking his chops, Reuben made a sound as he sniffed the air around the other wolf.

Bowing his head, the second caramel coloured wolf gave a small howl, turning his body in the direction of a small campfire. Reuben lifted his front paw a few inches as if to tell the other to stay put then headed towards the campfire.
Investigating the books, and small pot that was cooling on a rock beside the campfire, the older werewolf let out a sound that was between a huff and a sneeze as he continued on towards the pond.  He sat down at the very edge of the pond, his eyes focused on the female as he watched her washing her hair.  If Reuben had been in human form, he would have been laughing at the sight.

The book had been opened to a recipe for hair dye, which they had cooked up in the small pot. But Nosferatu was left with nothing more then a sticky mess that just was not covering her streaks.  Spotting who she at first thought was the Seer, our heroine made her way over to Reuben. But once she was a few feet away, something in her caused her to stop and look at the wolf. Tilting her head to the side, she looked at the werewolf sitting in front of her, her gaze turning for a second to the one sitting  farther up on the bank. She pointed first to the one on higher ground then to the one in front of her.

"Reuben." she said leaning over towards him, "the Seer." she said pointing towards the original wolf she had arrived with. Reuben bowed his head licking his chops once again then began to transform. The Seer stayed in wolf form.  "See, even with you two having the same bloodline and coloured fur, I can tell you apart."

The dark haired male flicked his hair out of his face, as he let the magic mist swirl around him, leaving a pair of black shorts in their wake. "I don't know how you figured it out?" he smirked at her, his chocolate brown puppy dog eyes sparkling. "But you're the first non-werewolf to be able to tell us apart." he leaned in sniffing her hair. "Okay what's this?"

"We tried to do a glamour spell to fix the colour, to you know make it all one colour. Only, it went grey instead of red. So we thought lets do this the old fashioned way, and tried to make a red dye. Only..." she was running her pale fingers through her hair. "Didn't work."

"Well, it's not all grey anymore." Reuben said. "Just the original streaks. The rest seems to have gone back to your natural colour." he pointed then to the books. "I thought you lost all your books in the fire?"

"Those are Ash's." our heroine said."Speaking of which, I should pack this up and we should get back there. Ash thought it would be best if he didn't roam around alone or in human form for a few days. I am trying to convince him into opening a portal and escaping with me sooner rather then later."

The look on Reuben's face was one of heavy disapproval. "You can't."

"Why can't I?"  she was cleaning the homemade dye out of the small pot, then dumped water on the small campfire.

"We have a freak killing timber wolves, you're Dagan's mate. You can't just leave." the dark haired male was scratching wildly at first his hair, then his beard, then his stomach and legs. "I think I might have poison ivy."

Throwing her head back, our heroine let out a loud grunt. "Okay, one crisis at a time. Don't touch me till after we get you checked for the ivy, then we'll worry about the timber wolves."


Dagan bit down hard on the shoulder of the first guard. Blood poured down his chest in a thick black oily mess. He stumbled backwards a few steps, spitting it out of his mouth as the guard turned around, his eyes registering nothing. The dagger jabbing Dagan in the side twice before the guard even seemed to realize what he was doing. The werewolf sidestepped then, as if dancing his way out of reach, both claws working at the base of the guard's skull, his nails digging in. It took a bit of work, but he managed to slice his way through the thick layers of flesh, decapitating the guard. The body fell silent, falling to the ground in a thud as the black substance that had replaced it's blood flowed freely at Dagan's feet. Sniffing deeply, he tried to get an idea of what it might have been, but he wasn't sure. The werewolf had never seen anything like this before. Turning he headed back to Ash's cabin wondering if the Seer had any answers?

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story.)

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