Sunday, July 20, 2014

Coffee talk July 20th 2014

I know in the darkened locker room there are a few wrestlers getting ready for tonight's ppv, wondering where the usual "night of the pay per view werewolf story blog post" is?  Sorry boys, I didn't get a chance to write one today.

And there are a few of you my dear readers, who are wondering when the hell is this woman going to start talking about the movies again?    Soon. Netflix Canada just got some spiffy new movies I haven't seen yet and a few I haven't seen in years. Not too mention, there are a few movies that I want to see that we actually got here at my local cinema.  The choices locally has been slim to zero on the interest scale.

So, on that note... if you're a wrestler reading me tonight about to be part of Battleground; win! Whatever it takes.

till later

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