Thursday, June 20, 2013

What that movie inspired me to do #9

Do you remember the scene where Jacob gives Bella the dream catcher?  It was a sweet gift that he made himself, and let's be honest, most real guys wouldn't even think to buy you something as thoughtful or original as that, let alone spend the time to make one themselves.
Unless of course they've seen the film and were smart enough to copy cat the wolfboy.

Anyways, I spotted a kit at the dollar store the other day, and  me, in my ultimate wisdom thought "Cool! How damned hard can it be to knot some string around a wreath?"  And the package did say it was for ages 7 and up, so really how difficult could it be to make one?

Two days, a mouth full of dye (don't ask) flying feathers, knotted string that would not do anything but twist around it's self in the wrong direction, a lost sewing needle (shoes are needed till I find the damned thing) and beads that I swear rolled everywhere;  and I have this.

My own Twilight New Moon inspired dream catcher.  It's hideous and crooked but it's mine. I made it. I chose the red kit with the idea of vampires, but used the feathers from a tan coloured kit. I have other plans for the second kit. Thought the silvery beads would add some "sparkle" to it.

Somewhere there is a group of 7 year olds with better hand -eye coordination, sitting laughing at me while they create bucketfuls of perfect dream catchers with lots of pretty charms.

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