Monday, July 7, 2014

Top 5 Fav Canadian Wrestlers

Well, I missed Canada Day, this past July 1st (last Tuesday) and normally I try to do some sort of something for that on here. So, even though I'm like a week late, here's a Top Five...

1.  Vampiro

2.  Eric Young

3. Robert Roode

4. Kenny Omega

5. Tyler Breeze

Well, Vampiro is cool for many reasons. One being that he's got that whole vampire gimmick which, seems more natural then you would think. And the tattoos... seriously, is there a more perfect Canadian wrestler then him?  Okay so I'm a fang-girl, and dude, this is Thunder Bay after all...

Eric Young...One of the few wrestlers who embody the best of Canada, with a wicked sense of humour to boot. I rarely dig guys with beards, but Eric Young knows how to rock the lumberjack look while tossing an arm bar on you and still manage to keep you smiling. Well, you know all us Canadians are just a little crazy that t-shirt!

Robert Roode... How can you not dig Roode?  Here is a wrestler who doesn't need to be a face or a heel, he just knows how to wrestle. Good guy, bad guy, everyone still loves him. It's wrestlers like Roode that has helped to make tag teams mean something again.

Kenny Omega... One of my favourite indie wrestlers. Every time I have had a chance to see him live I've made sure to have ring side seats. I remember one of the first times I did see him live, he was pulling twists and flips that seemed to defy possibility.

Tyler Breeze...Yeah he's more then pretty, he's Canadian. I love that! (if you're reading the never ending soap opera on here, I based my Necromancer on him) This is someone fans need to really keep an eye on. He's climbing fast...not as fast as I thought, but fast.

So that's my top five for tonight...

till later

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