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The Nosferatu Adventures S6 p3

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 157, chapter 157

Last night...

Our heroine stumbled as she was pushed into the cell. She landed hard on the mattress, her lack of coordination evident. She turned to growl at the guard, only nothing came out. Blinking in frustration, she threw herself backwards on the mattress, letting out a deep sigh.

"It's not that dramatic." a male voice said to her. Turning she saw a hand sticking out from another set of bars to the left of her, about ten feet away.

"Yes it is. And and...I'm not suppose to be here anyways." she huffed. Kicking the air, our heroine let out a semi-scream for added drama. She heard the male let out a sigh as he shuffled a step in his own cell.

"That's the story of our lives isn't it?" he sniffed. "But I'll tell you one thing, you must have pissed off the wrong person if you're in here with us. I mean, females never make it to this hell." he waved his hand between the bars for effect. "They get shipped right off to the private yacht. Get the golden wings and become Odin's personal toys." he sniffed again, his nose pressed between the bars. "What are you anyways? I can't get a clean scent."

"Undefined as of late." Nosferatu remarked as she began to move around the tiny cell. At lest it was clean.

"What is that suppose to mean?" there was a hint of disgust in the male's voice.

"It means I no longer know what's going on with me. Okay!" she felt an anger starting up in her, an anger that she knew wasn't totally her's. There were still trances of Rolf's soul blended with her own. She shook her head. "Wait em second. You said a clean scent. Your werewolf?" she moved towards the bars of the cell, trying to get a look at him.  "You don't smell wolfy."

"Well I am. Name's Jarl. I'm the alpha of my pack."

"Really? If I had a penny for every pumped up male who thinks he's the alpha...I'd be able to afford to bribe my way out of here." she snickered, her eyes flashing their white of the banshee. There was a sudden tickle at her nose, her throat as a thin layer of copper filled the air. Blood. Someone nearby was bleeding heavily, she just hoped it wasn't Rolf.

The male managed to squeeze himself closer to the edge of his cell, angling towards her. "You saying you are a werewolf too?"

"Nope. Just saying I have had my share of alphas..." she licked her lips, a sudden playfulness infecting her tone.  Jarl grunted in amusement.


The Seer leaned over the large book, a determined look on his face, his eyes squinted under knotted eyebrows.

"Still no luck?" Ash asked as he paced behind him in the cabin.

"I've tried everything I can think of, gone through the whole book. Nothing is working." he said letting his shoulders slump, slapping his hand on his thigh. "He's stuck alright! I've run out of ideas." The Seer tilted his head towards the auburn wolf sitting on the kitchen chair beside them. A low whimpered growl came from Dagan's chest as he raised his paw smashing the other male in the back. The dark haired male spun around shaking his head at the wolf. "Dude, you did this to yourself. You pissed off Loki and his magic is just too powerful to reverse."

Ash tossed his head back letting out a howl of his own as he ran his hands through his mohawk in frustration. "I can't believe this!" he slammed his palm down on the table, causing the book to jump. "Seriously, how long do you think we can survive as a pack without a proper alpha? Huh? It's unheard of!" he stomped past them both into the living room, falling down on the sofa, his face in his hands.

"Um...okay. No need for the acting class." the Seer cleared his throat, a nervous giggle escaping his lips. "Just us. No one watching this little..." he moved a step closer to Ash, his hands making circles as he did. "...stage show."

"See now that's the problem. There is someone watching us. There is always someone watching us. We wouldn't be in this mess if we didn't have their attention!" Ash said standing back up pointing first at the floor then towards the ceiling. "For whatever reason, this pack has been on the radar of every magical bad guy, greedy self-centered warlord, and...and...and nymph this side of Hades for the past couple of years." he turned around in a full circle, climbing over the back of the sofa moving around the cabin like a caged animal. "I really want to say it started with the female coming to us, when I found her on the beach like a washed up whale, but it's been going on a hell of a lot longer then that. It's like we've had invisible targets on our backs for years. Years!" he screamed the last word, moving his hands around like a lunatic. "It just seems to get worse and worse all the time. It's like we're cursed or something."

"I'm going to make you some tea...laced with fairy dust." the Seer mumbled as he turned back towards the kitchen just as Dagan jumped down from the chair, running out the front door of the cabin and disappeared into the woods. "Um okay." the Seer turned to see what had gotten the other werewolf's attention not having heard or smelled anything himself. He spotted the female timber wolf Matilda then slowly walk into the room, her head bowed and a sad tone to her movements. The Seer snickered as he bent down to pet the creature's ears. "Sorry girl, love to tell you he's just playing hard to get, but he's really not interested."

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