Sunday, September 28, 2014

year 3 day 119

movie: The Good Witch
starring: Catherine Bell, Chris Potter
genre: Fantasy,
year: 2008
format: Popcornflix

plot: A small town is changed when a mysterious woman moves in, making everyone believe she is a witch.

This is the first in the movie series.

It's a Hallmark made for tv Sunday night movie, so you know it's going to be sweet and with a happy message.
I like the idea of these films, but there is just something too sugary for me here. This is done with more of a psych 101 approach then anything really "mystical", making it seem through the whole film that she's not really a witch on the surface.

I get the message, don't judge others, treat everyone kindly, stand up for yourself...but it's so formulaic you don't need to be watching the screen to know what's happening.

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