Saturday, September 13, 2014

year 3 day 116

movie: Willow
starring: Val Kilmer, Warwick Davis
genre; Action, Adventure
year: 1988
format: DVD

plot: A dwarf is given the task of keeping a baby safe as he tries to return her to where she came from. Along the way, he finds himself having to trust a thief, as they try to stay one step ahead of the queen's army, who want the baby for themselves.

It's been years since I watched this. I love sword and sorcery films, there's just something about them that really unlocks the imagination.

Okay, so on the usual, we've got a goofy buddy movie that happens to have a few "car chases" (carts and horses) a dashing hero that has a heart of gold, and smelts...okay no smelts; trolls, brownies and a few ogre-ish brutes that might as well have been trolls, and an evil queen.  (You know, just because you happen to be over a certain age and know you're way around a grimoire doesn't mean you're evil...)

The one real flaw in this is, it's never really explained what the fear of the baby is? They just say "the prophecy has come true."  But what exactly is the kid suppose to do?

Just once I'd like to see a movie where the hero gets pounded by smelts, for no reason other then it would be funny. Smelts, minnows, anchovies, in a major battle where everyone is running around the castle with swords and battle-axes, roaring and screaming about death to the enemy, and just a big bucket of smelts getting tossed at them...with a line like "I said smite our enemies not smelt our enemies..."

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