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The Nosferatu Adventures S6 p4

The Nosferatu Adventures 
 page 158, chapter 158

"You know why the Necronomicon is such a powerful tome?" a voice said from the shadows of the prison.  Our heroine stood from the mattress where she had been laying, to see a figure dressed in a dark blue shirt and grey pants, his suit jacket over his shoulder, and a grey tie. It was Bacchus, looking more like a lawyer then a god.  "Don't make me repeat myself girl, I know you heard me with those borrowed werewolf ears."

She let out a deep breath, swinging her weight on the steel bars. "Even though Lovecraft claimed it was purely fictional, it couldn't be proven as such."  she rattled the cell. "What are you waiting for, get me out of here."

"What else? Made it so powerful?" he raised his chin as he stood just inches away from her on the other side of the bars.

"It sparked such deep rooted imagination in people that they started to create their own versions. Thus, giving the object real life, even if it wasn't the all and mighty powerful book of the dead it was claimed to be. The simple fact enough people wanted to believe in it, gave...well still gives, it meaning, and therefore power." she shook her head slightly in a circle as if to add her impatience. "Where are you going with this? And why am I still in this cell?" she let her tone become heavy with anger.

"Because I'm not ready to let you just wander around like a lost child. Even though that is what you are." he flicked the bars. "You understand what I need you to understand. That's good. Now, put it into practical use." he pointed at the bars of the cell, taking a step backwards. "Get yourself out."

"Don't you think if I could, I would have by now?" she slammed her hands hard into the steel bars twice.

"You just don't get it do you?" he pinched the bridge of his nose. "Think! Lovecraft as you just said, could not or would not prove the book true but played upon it's dreamlike qualities. He bended reality to his will."

"I've already tried breaking the steel. It's too thick, I'm not strong enough." she shouted back at him, a hiss of anger still biting at her voice.

"Not the bars themselves you stupid cow, your perception of where you stand in regards to them."

"You want me to walk through them? That's shacked up. I'm a vampire not a ghost!"

Bacchus dropped his arm letting his jacket swing at his waist as he fixed his cuffs, slipping it on. "You're not much of anything as of late." he took another step towards her, his left hand in the air. "Your problem is that you just don't believe. You don't believe in yourself, or your mate for that matter."

"Hey! I believe in Ripper! I believe he's a psychotic egomaniac with abandonment issues and a one track mind." she stretched out her leg between the bars, rotating her ankle without thinking about it. "Always trying to find ways to protect his precious position as the pack alpha..." she moved an inch and a half forward, her shoulders and chest slipping through the bars. "...never managing to admit when he's at fault for something, because he's too damned afraid to let anyone see any real emotion from him other then anger..." she lifted her other foot through the cell, planting it nearly on top of Bacchus's. "Not like the rest of the boys don't know him for his rea...real...ality. Hey, I'm not in there anymore. How'd I do that?" she smiled at the god, her right hand mindlessly twirling the short spikes of her auburn hair.

"You focused on something other then your prison. Something you wanted." he stated flatly, his right thumb caressing her bottom lip and chin.

"But I was thinking about Dagan, and how much he pisses me off. I wasn't even thinking about anything I wanted. Certainly not wanting to escape." she replied as she started to follow Bacchus through a darkened hall and up a flight of stairs. The sandy haired male grunted as he threw a look over his shoulder at her.

"Honestly, I'm starting to think you wanted to escape more then just that cell." he reached out grabbing her elbow with his strong fingers. "The way you just went on about him makes me think you're tired of him already. Is that the case huh? Tell me, do you want me to break the sire bond? Or at the very lest, break your mating bond?" he stopped her on the stairs to look at her.

"You can do that?" our heroine's voice was a soft hush.

"I'm a god, I can do pretty much anything I see fit." he tilted his head down whispering in her left ear. "You only have to say the word and your freedom is once again yours. No more pack, no more Dagan."  The female bit her bottom lip, her fangs suddenly extended as the feel of his breath trailed down her neck. She had to ball her fists into her thighs to keep from swooning in his arms.

"Why? What's in it for you?" she closed her eyes swallowing hard.  Bacchus shrugged, the material of his suit jacket wrinkling as he did.

"Those boys have done their part. They are no longer needed, no longer a part of my plans. Just say the word and you'll be disconnected from all of them." he brushed his fingers gently down her spine, teasing her with the promise of what his body could do. "So what do you say? Huh? Ready to break out of your invisible cage break the shackles that bind you?"

"I...I..." she felt herself sway against him, felt Bacchus's lean body next to her's, felt his hands as they slithered around her waist and up her ribcage, felt the weight of his dark eyes as they bore into her soul. "I'm not in any cage. Invisible or otherwise. Maybe a barbedwire fence or two, but never a cage." a devilish smirk played at her lips as her tongue darted out over the god's cheek. "And as far as those shackles go, he's just as bound." Our heroine took the next two stairs quickly moving from Bacchus's hypnotic gaze. "The one thing I hold dear that those boys have, my boys, my pack is loyalty. Now come on, we need to find Rolf."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. What? Just because a hot guy whispers a few sweet nothings in her ear does not mean she's going to leave her family)

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