Thursday, October 9, 2014

Year 3 day 122

movie: The Terminal
starring: Tom Hanks, Stanley Tucci
genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance
year: 2004
format: TV Edit

plot: A man is detained at a major American airport after his visa is denied. What should have been a quick few hours, turns into a year of his life while he waits to find out if his home country is still at war.

This is based loosely on a true story.

I guess you can say that you can't really go wrong when you see Tom Hanks listed as a lead in any type of movie.  Okay, let's get it out there, I cried for the last 30 minutes of this film. I know this is suppose to be a keep strong and keep the faith in your destiny type film, but I personally was having a hard time getting past the whole left with nothing theme. The idea that in the course of a few hours, your life can be turned upside down to the point that you are left without a real home or identity, really really got to me.

Speaking of the keep strong and keep the faith in your destiny theme; this film hits on the nose the whole idea that no matter what, nothing is as bad as it seems. He figures out a way to feed himself, finds a group of friends who all happen to be immigrants/minorities, and even lands a job. The idea that the U.S. is a destination for millions of people every day, with the promise of starting fresh was more then clear.

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