Friday, October 31, 2014

Year 3 Day 130

Hallowe'en Week 2014

movie: Halloween 6 Curse of Michael Myers
starring: Paul Rudd, Donald Pleasense
genre: Horror, Thriller
year: 1995
format: Netflix Canada

plot: Seventeen years after the deaths on Halloween night, Tommy, who'd witnessed the events, finds himself wrapped back up with Michael. He lives in the house across the street, keeping tabs on the people who move into the old house. After overhearing a desperate woman on  a radio show calling for help, he tracks her last known location and finds her baby. The last supposed relative of Myers. Because of Tommy's obsession with the case, he learns that Michael is from a clan of Celtic assassins, cursed with the need to kill during a certain planetary alignment.

This is one of, it not my favourite of the franchise. Again, it's got that "devil made me do it" sub-theme going on, and the return to the witchcraft idea that was brought up in part 3.   I've always been one of those people who likes an explanation to why the story is going the way it is, which you don't always get in horror anymore.

I've seen all the Halloween movies, but to be honest, this is the one I seemed to remember the most. Where as all the others sort of blend together in my mind, this one because of it's origins idea, stuck bit more in my mind. And this was the first time in close to twenty years since I watched this episode of the franchise.

With that said, I do seem to remember there having been a scene where they revealed that the baby was Micheal's, but this version didn't seem to have it.

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