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The Nosferatu Adventures S6 p6

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 160, chapter 160

Our heroine found herself at the edge of a small cliff, having walked all night long. Stopping, she dropped her leather bag, sitting down a few feet away from the ridge on a large rock.

"So, your mate is the alpha of that pack over in the next kingdom." it was a statement not a question. The female turned to see a short, muscular man leaning against a tree. "Jarl. We met back in the prison."

"How'd you get out?" she asked standing back up arms crossed.  He took a few slow steps towards her, stalking her. Rocks crunching under foot as he did. He was dressed in what looked like red leather pants, and not much else.

"The guard got too close and I snapped his neck stole the keys." he remarked holding up a small metal ring with four dangling keys on it. "Hum. I couldn't get a clean scent off you back there, you were a jumble of multiple smells. But now..." he got close enough to grab up her bag handing it back to her. "He's all I can smell." the dark haired male sniffed deeply, licking his lips, his blue eyes closed as he let his nose touch her ear. "Any werewolf outside of your own pack will be able to smell him, your mate, on you. You've been claimed, it's like he pissed on a tree marking his territory."

"Great. Like I didn't feel used before." she huffed letting her hand slap her thigh. "You following me?"

"No. Well, yes not on purpose. Caught the scent of another werewolf, had to check it out. The closer I got, the more distinct it became. Screams alpha." he stood there, only an inch and a half taller then her, built like a bull. "What I don't understand is you're not a wolf yourself so how is it you're part of a pack? Huh?" he sniffed again this time letting his tongue dart across her collar bone, his eyes flashing the amber-grey of the wolf as he shot her a devious smirk. "When we take human wives, we leave the pack. Live with them as humans till they die on us."

"I'm not a human. Banshee."  Jarl snorted as he rubbed his hand over his chin. Turning, he shot a look at her over his shoulder.

"This way. The village isn't that far off. I'm sure even a banshee can keep up."  She followed him through a small patch of trees towards a road. It didn't take more then a few minutes for the sounds of people to float on the air tickling at her ears, the scents of the village invading her nose with the promise of feeding. It was all she could do to keep her fangs from showing. "Do you hunt?"

"Only when I have to." she hissed, her fangs betraying her.  Jarl smiled his back still to her.

"How often is that?"

"Only when my pack aren't around for me to feed off of."

"This should be interesting." he commented stopping at the edge of the village.  "Wait here. I need to get a few supplies." he took off down the middle of the main road, disappearing into a small building.


The auburn red wolf ran till his legs were starting to cramp up, his tongue hanging out of the corner of his mouth. He was thirsty, hungry and tired. Too tired to even hunt. Dagan found a small pond, drinking greedily. He stopped cold as the fur on his body stood on end. The wolf growled, his ears flat, his front paws stiff as he readied himself to pounce.

"I wouldn't if I was you. I've already beat your ass once this week, the next time I'll kill you." Loki remarked in a hiss. The wolf  lowered his muzzle but stayed on the ready. "You want you shapeshifting abilities back. Have them." he moved his hand in the direction of the wolf. Dagan's bones cracked and snapped from one position to the other, sending the worst pain through him.
After a few minutes, the male knelt there shaking, sweating still from having been running all night in wolf form, his vocal cords weak from lack of use. "Don't bother thanking me. This comes at a price. I would have left you like that for the next fifty or so years if I wasn't in need of you."  the god bit his nails, spitting them on the ground. "A choice actually. See Bacchus is getting a little freaked out over his grand plan to save the universe. So much so, he kidnapped the little bat dropping relocating her. He's put up a forcefield, one even I can't break through, blocking her from reentering the kingdom." he crouched down beside the exhausted werewolf. "So here's the deal. I'm giving you a choice, go back to the pack, be alpha live out your days as you please, unable to ever shack up with anyone again, knowing your mate is free to fornicate with anything or anyone who smiles at her. Or give it up and find her. Putting your family back together. One damaged member at a time." Loki stood up moving a few feet from him. "See, up till now, Bach and I have been on the same page. We had a plan worked a combined schedule. But he's worried that all the time you've spent shacked up with his precious Nosferatu has made her too dependent on you. And he's gone off the agreed upon time frame, knocked things out of order. And I can't have that." he started to pace back and forth, his hands in the front pockets of his pants. "First order of business was to have her play mommy dearest to my experiment. Making sure that we find a solution to the whole lack of female werewolf problem, and supplying me with a true heir. Second order of business, and this is what really concerns you, was leading the next generation of bacchae. But he jumped the gun on things. Once she makes the transformation she'll be useless to me. To us..." he gestured from himself then towards Dagan. "Do you see what I'm saying? I need you to put that crazy making sire bond you have with the female to use and find her. Sniff her out. The choice is yours. Stay and be the pack alpha to your rapidly dying numbers and live as a monk knowing you will never have sex again cause you're still mated to her, or follow your instincts. Find your mate." the god smirked licking his lips. "Think of all the fun you can have screwing up Bach's plans. Besides, the last thing you want is another pack taking her in." he rubbed his hands together as if it was good news.

"You're a god. You're telling me you can't find her yourself?" the werewolf was standing now, still naked, still covered in sweat as it rolled off his hair. He shook his head, his bangs plastered to his forehead, spitting.

"No. What I said was I can't bring her back here. The invisible wall Bacchus put up keeps vampires out. He uninvited her to the kingdom. However, you as a shapeshifter are not affected. There is nothing stopping you from going to her."

"What if I don't want to?" he raised his chin squinting his eyes at Loki.

"Then like I said you live the rest of eternity as a celibate monk. Cause you're mated to her and once she becomes Bach's wife..."

Dagan rolled his eyes turning slightly from the dark haired god, scratching at his ass as he misted himself a pair of black pants, boots and a shirt. "Sex is no big deal." he shrugged. "We're werewolves, we can go a few hundred years without it if need be."

"You don't get it. If she is turned into a bacchae, becomes the wife of Bacchus, she becomes more then a vampire. More then immortal. She becomes a god herself. And that link she has with you, the one that makes your chest feel like it's crashing in on you, that makes you the ultimate jealous husband when you're apart too long, will start to turn you inside out. You really will loose your mind. Over and over and over again, every day for all eternity. Because, it's something you will share with her, the god-like immunity to death. Any death. You'll both be able to overcome your current weaknesses to silver, running water, fire, will be locked into it along with her. Only, you'll be alone. She'll be the one with the fancy new man and you'll be just the moron who bonded with her."

Dagan growled as he cracked his neck leaning closer to Loki. "Like I said, just sex no big deal." he sniffed, never taking his eyes off of the god. "You mentioned another pack taking her in. Who else in their right mind would want her?"

"Spoken like a truly jealous husband. By now they've already found her. Few territories over, in the next kingdom. A pack that has taken over a small village. She'll settle with them, if you let her." the dark haired god shrugged as he turned back towards the pond. "Not all shifters are the polite gentlemen you and your pack are. Since she's already claimed..."

Dagan chewed on his bottom lip, swearing loudly as he scratched at his neck. "You're right." he let his hand fall to his waist. "She's too stupid for her own good..." he sighed dramatically. "She'll trust them, falling for every single little sweet nothing they whisper into her ears..." he wiggled his fingers by his own ear. "...manipulating her into all sorts of nasty self loathing positions..." he rubbed his left hand down his thigh. "...with no chance of accidentally claiming her, like you know...I...I did. It will be full metal mayhem." he brought his hand out in front of him, fingers spread bouncing it up and down. "Thank you!" his voice rose a few notches. "Perfect! Now I have that image in my head. I don't need that image in my head. I don't want that image in my head!" he pointed at Loki before bringing both hands up to cover his eyes. Peaking through his fingers, he looked at the god. "You're still there? You're not gone yet? You're not going to leave until I agree to this are you?" the auburn haired male stood there for a few more seconds his eyes now closed. "Okay I lied just a little. Some of that image I do want in my head." he grinned, his dimples on display. Making a sound that wasn't completely human as he opened his eyes again to find Loki had disappeared. 

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. New wolves new rules)

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