Friday, November 28, 2014

Potluck Project

Spudguns! Next week, Dec 3rd, will mark the anniversary of this blog.

I guess we know that the last two years have not been as successful as far as the challenge went. I failed to complete the one movie a day challenge for years two and three. (the original reason of the blog)
So there will be no re-try of the one movie a day challenge for year four.  Maybe bring it back for year five? But, my blogging failures are not doing much for my self esteem...bloggingly speaking.

But my cinema loving Spudguns! when it comes to the movies, all is not lost. I discovered a group of bloggers who once a month pick a movie, watch it and then cook something related to the movie. Oh yes, my kind of people.  So, I got the idea to join their blogging tribe.(I swear on a stack of Anne Rice novels that I did not bribe my way in with chocolate and left over Hallowe'en treats...I did however have to do the truffle-shuffle...)

Year four will be trying to keep up with them to the best of my cooking ability. Which, if you saw my attempt last year at the stake through the heart cake, is going to be a massive challenge. (realizing bitterly that I'm not the heavy metal domestic goddess I always imagined I was)

Yes, they have a name, it's Food n Flix. And I imagine I'll be pointing you to them a lot over the course of 2015. (Great! Now I'm craving chocolate and wanting to watch Corey Feldman movies...)

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