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The Nosferatu Adventures S6 p12

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 166, chapter 166

Our heroine looked at herself in the full length mirror in the hotel room. "I look like I fell off a cake." she grumbled.

"You look..." Ferguson scratched at his nose biting back a laugh. " you don't know how to dress yourself." he gestured to the butter-cream yellow floor length dress. "Like you rummaged through a lost and found bridesmaids barrel. That's, that's bad."

"This was your brilliant idea pal." she said tapping his chest.

"Yeah but you were stupid enough to listen." he was laughing full on then. "The black would have suited you better, why didn't you go with it?"

"Crazy I suppose." she remarked unlacing the bodice. "Help!" she turned towards the werewolf having snagged her sleeve in one of the eye-hooks.

"Just crazy enough eh? It's a good thing you can mist clothes cause you're worse then a kid." he was still laughing as he managed to undo the snag. "I win dress zero." he raised his eyes to look at her from under his hat.

"Speaking of misting abilities, what colour is your fur?" the female rested her hand on the male's shoulder. "You the same colour as Gustav?"

"Yeah. Why wouldn't we be?" he shrugged handing her back the laces from the sleeve of her dress having untangled them for her.

"Just wondering. So are you all born shifters or bitten or what?" she turned back to look at her reflection again, deciding to remove the sleeves all together, opting for bare arms.  Ferguson shook his head looking at her.

"Born werewolves are rare. We're all bitten. Jarl is our alpha because he's the one who bit us." he sniffed, turning towards the door.

"Why?" our heroine asked as Tombstone moved from his spot on the bed, the hellhound having caught the same scent that Ferguson had.  A female stood in the doorway, a plate in hand. The hellhound licked his chops, tail beginning to wag as he anticipated getting half the meal.

"A man stopped by the bakery and ordered this for you." she said placing it on the dresser, leaving.  Ferguson didn't need to lift the cover off the plate to know that there was a fresh slice of cake, fruit and small sandwiches.

"Your mate has an interesting taste in gifts." he chuckled at his own pun.  Our heroine shook her head sighing.

"Not Dagan's style. Na, this has Loki written all over it." she said taking a piece of the fruit. She caught the wince come from the werewolf as he shuffled a step from her.

"Another pack member?" he sounded both disappointed and suspicious.

Our heroine shook her head feeding a small bit of the cake to Tombstone. "Loki? You're kidding right?"  the male ducked his head slightly looking at her, waiting for an explanation. "You know, Loki. The god...of shapeshifters."

Ferguson broke out in a mad fit of laughter, his voice taking on a tone that caused the hellhound to yelp. "Seriously. Who sent this?"  he was fishing for something, probably wanting to know where her loyalties were.

"I'm being serious. This is the kind of thing he would do." she gestured towards the hellhound. "He sent me Tombstone once, when he was still a puppy. Well..." she tilted her head smirking. "He arranged it so that I was in the right place at the right time to find him."

"Okay look." the male was starting to get uncomfortable. "You're having an affair and you don't want your mate to know. Fine. But don't lie to me about it and say it's the god Loki. I mean, I didn't fall off the turnip truck..." he nodded raising his hands in a surrender motion. "...okay I did fall off it once, but I was twelve and it wasn't a turnip truck per say, more like a produce cart in general. But that's not the issue here..." he gestured wildly then around the room. "Loki is a myth. Okay, something they tell us when we're young werewolves to keep us from running around eating people."

"That makes no sense. First of all, he's got no problem with werewolves hunting humans, he favours it. Second, all myths start somewhere right. And third, why would you be told about him in a bad way?" she sat down then beside the hellhound trying to wrap her mind around it all.  "And I'm not having an affair with him. I mean, not that he's not totally hot..." she could feel the disbelief in the werewolf as he stood now half way out the room door, his eyes squinting, arms crossed over his chest. He thought she was either insane or lying to him. And Nosferatu didn't know which was worse?  "I need to go to the Elton's house for this stupid lunch thing." she stood back up smoothing down the dress. She had picked the one that seemed lease likely to scream supernatural creature. Floor length, butter-cream coloured, with a butterfly design at the waist. So not her, but completely reminded her of something she'd seen on the cover of a Jane Austen novel."Remind me again why I'm doing this?"

"They run this town." Ferguson shrugged closing his eyes. He let out a deep breath, relaxing his stance. "They own everything. You make it on their bad side, they will make sure you starve, have no place to stay, that sort of thing."

"You're werewolves. You can survive in the woods." she said turning to Tombstone feeding the creature another bit of the cake.

"Why should we? This is a nice little place where no one asks questions." he said as he ducked out the door waiting for her. "Come on. I'll take you there." 
They were barely out the door of the building when our heroine heard a low voice. Closing her eyes, she focused, letting the familiar voice invade her mind. Only she realized it wasn't coming from in her head, but from somewhere off in the distance. Moving without thinking about it, she followed the sound into the bush.  "'s this way...their house is just a're going the wrong way." the male was greeted by a pale hand waving at him, telling him to be quiet. "Really, you want to go hiking in that dress?" he followed her into the edge of the woods.

"Can't you hear that?" she asked.

"Most likely just a deer." he replied, stopping dead in his tracks as something heavy broke a large tree branch. "Or a bear."

"Arguing about directions?" she shot the comment like an arrow as the scent of nutmeg and sandalwood filled her nose. Stopping, Ferguson slammed into her nearly knocking her over just as two figures came into view. Grabbing the ends of the dress, our heroine ran towards them, already grinning like a kid. The Seer made a sound between a grunt and a huff as she slammed into him, her arms tight around his neck.  "Um babe, why is Leo naked?"  she asked pointing to the other werewolf.

"He's been like that for the last hour. I can't get him to mist clothes or change to wolf form. He's just..." the Seer raised his hand then let it flop to his side. "Being Leo."

"Why aren't you back home, looking after Harker and the cabin? Did something happen to Harker or Ash?"

The dark haired male gave her one of his too charming to be honest smiles, grabbing her chin between his thumb and forefinger. "Everything's fine."  Our heroine felt the familiarness of the Seer's seduction spells washing over her.

"Except for the fact the Necromancer has an army of guards posted along the roads. No one can get in or out of the cabins. The woods are filled from end to end by small camps his men have set up." Leo said hugging her suddenly.

Moving from him, she slapped the Seer's arm hard enough she heard something tear. "What? Why aren't you there? Protecting Harker? Helping Ash?"

"We couldn't get to them. We were out hunting when it happened. By the time we got back, it was too late. The Necromancer's army had set up spots everywhere. We found you cause we need Dagan and Reuben to return with us. Or...hide here with you." he ran his hand through his hair making sure it wasn't out of place as he looked her over. "That's a smashing blouse you're wearing."  Our heroine slapped him again just for the hell of it. 

Leo bent his face to her's sniffing her wildly, his eyes closed, his hands firmly at her shoulders. "You smell different? Not like smell like magick." the older werewolf turned his face from her, his tongue out at the corner as he eyed Ferguson. "Who's he?"

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story.  I miss the Seer...)

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