Monday, November 24, 2014

year 3 day 140

movie: Little Witches
starring: Sheeri Rappaport, Jack Nance
genre: Horror, Thriller,
year: 1996
format: VHS

plot: A group of girls find an old grimoire and decide to call an ancient god. One of the girls becomes obsessed with the idea of total control, and begins killing to keep the ritual in place.

This used to be one of my favourite movies about witchcraft. Okay, yeah it's a B-movie that may or may not (depending on who your talking to) been a straight to video release, that gets down played because it looks a bit choppy at times. I've heard it called a Craft-rip off, and although it does have similar themes, the fact Little Witches tries to create a "mythology" and rooting itself in secret societies it's closer to the  Satan's School for Girls film.

Does it hold up twenty years later...not really. Definitely a movie of it's time, which was the mid-1990's before the real positive side of witchcraft was being shown. In 2014, it's fairly cheesy and really bias.
I can't help but think this movie if done today, would have a completely different spin.

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