Friday, September 9, 2016

Coffee Talk Sept 9th 2016

Spudguns!  Hey, just a quickie here to say, I'm not dead yet. 

I've been busy with tarot readings, and a few video shoots for another project the last week-ish.  I've decided from now till Hallowe'en week, that I'm going to do my best to schedule posts for Sundays. Yes, Sundays. Then heading into Hallowe'en, there will be a full week; I believe something like 8 or 9 days straight?  Then things should get a bit back to normal on here.

So, with that said, Sunday...oh don't look at me like that my lovely Spudguns! I did say last month September would be a very very slow month on here.

I am in the middle of writing the next segment of The Nosferatu Adventures, as well as needing to do the Night Bleeds Round Up still... for Sunday.

now coffee

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