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The Nosferatu Adventures s11 p11

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 285, chapter 285

Rolf's Kingdom

The dark haired male arched his back as he flung himself to the floor. The pain ripping through him like a hot spear as it tangled itself around his ribcage and solar plexus. Rolf's long dark mass of curls hung in strains to his forehead, the sweat burning him as if his flesh was on fire. The roar that escaped him, caused Finn to come running into the shapeshifter's room. "Something's happened to Nosferatu." Rolf managed to whisper.


Out of Time

Edric walked up behind our heroine, reading over her shoulder as he frowned. "If The Seer is so dangerous that you went ahead and did what you did, why are you still sitting here shuffling papers? Shouldn't you be off being all slayerish doing your best Buffy impression?" he sniffed her neck quietly before closing the gap between them, his hands first at her elbows before slipping silently down to her wrists, locking his fingers with hers.

"He can shimmer. I can't fight him if I can't figure out how to find him and keep him in one place right?" she had to desperately fight to keep from relaxing into his embrace. The heat of his body like a beacon, towing her towards him. She was almost regretting having sent Quentin and Ruthven back out for a new batch of blood bags, as the two were alone with no chaperone.

"And you think the answer is in some old man's diaries?"  he reached over with her right hand still locked with his, flipping a page of the notes. He frowned again, his eyebrows knitted together in worry. "What happens if you loose?" he brought his left hand still holding hers, up to scratch at his nose.

"You get to do whatever the hell you want. If he doesn't kill you too." she shrugged. "You'd be free no more sire bond."

"There's kinda no point in being locked into this alone." he mumbled under his breath.

"Well, you'd be free to do that too. Sire someone else once I'm gone." she brought her right hand still locked with his, back to the stack of notes trying to turn the page again, but finding herself suddenly in a childish game of keep-away.  "Someone who's in your league. Landin's very pretty. He'd make a nice mate."

"Hey!" Edric slammed both his knees into her causing her to fall backward into him. "If! If The Seer...not when. Never when. He's already got you beat if you think that way." the hybrid sniffed lowering his blue eyes. "Besides, Landin isn't my type. Too tall. Too muscular." the male spun her around to face him, quickly locking his fingers with hers once more. "Not too mention, he just doesn't make me laugh the way you do."

"Careful. It almost sounds like I've grown on you." she couldn't take her eyes off his, like a fly trapped in a spider's web. It took every ounce of her being to fight the instinct to throw herself at him.

"Like barnacles on a humpback whale." he winked bringing their locked fingers behind his back.

"Can I have my hands back now? Need to get back to the books." she sighed in mock exhaustion.

"You can have this one." he let go of her right hand. "But this one I'm keeping. I ain't done with it yet. I have plans for this one." he tightened his grip on her left hand, tilting his head to the side smiling a devilishly grin. It put our heroine in mind of a school kid up to no good. Bringing her hand up to his nose, he sniffed her wrist giggling.

"If the next words out of your mouth have anything to do with  learning the Klingon dictionary by braille, I'm going to bite you." her tone became caught between annoyed and playful.

"It wasn't but now the thought is in my mind. Thanks for that." Edric's eyes went wide as he blushed. "Your hands are really cold actually."

"Dirty minds think a like." the voice said from the corner of the room. Both turned to see Bacchus standing there suddenly.  "Sneaky." the sandy-blonde god said as he slowly moved towards them, the leather pants he was wearing squeaking with every step. He wasn't wearing anything else, not even shoes. "What, did you think it would go unnoticed by us? Huh? That you'd be getting away with something this big?" he brought his hands up from his sides, palms up. They were stained with blood. "Before you bother to ask, Rolf's fine for the moment. Loki's there now dealing with it. But ohhh." Bacchus sucked in a hard breath shaking his head, before turning his blue eyes up to look at our heroine from under his bangs. "Odin is pissed." he tapped his hands across the edge of the dinning room table, over the stack of papers our heroine had there, over the still unopened metal storage box of Edric's. "This game of hot potato you've got going on with Rolf. You hide part of his soul becoming a lycanthrope, then you give birth to Damen who has a small chunk, now you drop yours into Rolf like a saving account. Did you really think Odin wouldn't sense it?" the god slammed his hand down hard, cracking the heavy dinning room table like it was ice. "Once again, we're left cleaning up the mess!"

"It was Loki who split Rolf's soul remember?" our heroine added quickly. "That was never my idea."

"But you happily did it. You happily took the advantages that it offered you." Bacchus pointed at her.

"To save him! To save my friend. A member of my pack!"

"But you were given the choice. Loki told you the plan and you accepted. All of you. Yourself, Rolf and Dagan. You made the choice together. This...this you did on your own. Without consent. Without Rolf's knowledge, or Loki's. Or for that matter, any of the other pack members. You did something only a god is suppose to do." Bacchus gestured one blood stained hand towards her, before letting his blue eyes drop to the male behind her. He didn't trust the hybrid.

"Isn't that what you want me to be? Huh? One of you? Isn't that what you have been breeding my...bloodline for? To be one of you? To be strong enough, powerful enough, quick enough give you new ways to repopulate, and fight for you?"

"That soul little girl, that soul was the only thing Loki had keeping you his pet." Bacchus laughed with immense joy, echoing to the point Edric had to cover his ears. "You win this one, and you're mine early. I will collect you and you will lead my bacchae. 139-ish years early." He threw his head back, hand now on his chest. "It's part of why he chose to bring you here. Time runs different. He was keeping you to himself. But none of that matters now. You removed your soul, you can't have little furballs without a soul. He knows that. It's why he's on the other end of this begging Odin's forgiveness."  Bacchus pointed then towards Edric. "Oh and you, might as well forget about claiming her during the full moon ritual now. You'll never get to be pack alpha that way. Without a soul, she can't be claimed." he smiled towards our heroine. "But you knew that too didn't you sweetheart. If I were you, I'd hope Loki does get his forgiveness, and is allowed to stick your soul back into you before the moon rises tonight. Otherwise, Matilda might just become the new top bitch around here." the god shimmered leaving the two with ringing ears.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. A locked storage box, a locked coffin, and a soul locked in a werewolf.)

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