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The Nosferatu Adventures s11 p10

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 284, chapter 284

Out of Time

Edric woke up in the backseat of Ruthven's car. The hybrid sneezed, three times in rapid succession. Stumbling out of the back passenger side door, the male snarled as he fell to his knees. The whole vehicle smelled like cigar smoke, making his nose and eyes water.  Shaking his head, he managed to sniff deeply. He swore as he staggered to his feet, heading in the direction of the warehouse ten feet away. The door to the building slammed as he stormed in, the place silent except for the sound of shallow breathing informing him someone was sleeping. Opening the little beer cooler, he growled seeing it was empty, then turned opening the door to the new refrigerator. There were at lest six bags of blood still, the sandy-blonde grabbing one, tearing into it greedily. Tossing the used plastic to the floor, he shook his head again still trying to clear the cobwebs, when he caught a scent. Following it to the little make shift sleeping areas, he nearly tore the male limb from limb as he moved the curtain that was blocking off his bed.

"Do it and I'll break your neck again." our heroine said from behind the next curtain. Edric swore, moving the few feet to where she was. Tossing the curtain aside he pointed towards the human.

"Why the hell is he in my bed?"

"You were in his car, he couldn't drive home."

"But my bed?" he brought his hand to his chest as he all but stomped his foot. "Where am I going to sleep?"  our heroine sighed sitting up grabbing the edge of the blanket. "But he's in my bed. I can't sleep there anymore after he's gone. It will stink of human." Edric crossed his arms over his chest as if about to pout. Wincing, he sucked in a sharp breath rubbing at his temple.

"We'll wash the sheets settle down man. One thing I'm not missing about being half werewolf, is the extreme emotions." she flopped back down yawning. "Or you can sleep with Quentin. Either way, let me sleep, I've been running on empty for the last few days."  The hybrid stood his ground for a few long seconds, his chin down eyes their human blue but fuming mad, before taking a step towards the bed. The magick mist rolling around him as he did so that he was only wearing a pair of shorts by the time he climbed in beside her.

"Don't try anything." he said grumbling laying on his back.

"I wasn't planning on it." she mumbled half asleep already.

"Sure you weren't." he smiled to himself in the darkness, half waiting for her to say something. When she never responded, the male looked over to see she was turned from him, her breathing slowing down. Wrenching his neck, he took in the scene before him. Our heroine's neck was exposed, the oversized t-shirt she was wearing hanging off the one shoulder. Crossing his arms over his chest, Edric sighed as he closed his eyes trying to block out the sound of her blood rushing in her veins. All he could think was that it would take one bite, one small nick in the right spot to let just enough of her blood flow. A few drops would be all he needed to curve the sire bond craving. Pinching the bridge of his nose he sniffed, telling himself he was starting to sound like some junkie. But wasn't that what this was? The results were the same. Get the desire handled, get the fix and feel safer, lighter, calmer for a few hours. Until the whole thing began to ache at him again. A grunt seemed to escape him in a shallow breath as he rolled over on his side, away from his sire. The bed bouncing as he did. That lasted for all of two seconds, as he spotted Quentin's shoeless foot sticking out from under the next nearest curtain; a small vein seemed to stick out just at the edge of his ankle bone. Another low noise that was neither a growl or a groan filled the air as Edric rolled over again, this time facing the female. Resting on his elbow, he traced his fingertips over the hollow of her throat, restless and bored he was tempted to wake her. Pressing his nose to her shoulder, as it was practically glowing in the darkened room; he wondered if he'd end up being that pale in time? Running his hand through his hair in frustration, he let his arm fall over her form. She didn't move, didn't seem to be awake, as he pressed his mouth against the curve of her shoulder, his teeth posed to dig in. He waited, counting the rhythm of her breathing. His top row of doubled fangs barely scratching the surface of her flesh, just enough of a pin prick to allow four perfect drops to appear like candied ecstasy. The male licked her shoulder, a cloud of intoxication filling his overworked mind. His legs twitched, tangling them in the blankets, his instincts screaming at him to complete the circuit. Biting down on the heel of his palm, Edric ran his fingertips through the crimson liquid. Holding his breath, he leaned over on one hip, smearing his thumb across her mouth. "Hey wake up." he shoved his knee into the back of hers. Our heroine sighed licking her lips as she batted at his thigh.

"What?" she mumbled into her pillow.

"Nothing. You're hogging the pillow." he smirked in the darkened room laying back down. Wrapping his arm around her waist, he fell asleep.

The intense pounding in his skill woke him a few hours later. The hybrid grabbed both sides of his face, feeling as if a vice grip was squeezing him. "Aaaahhhhuuggg" the sound slipped from his lips as if it were an assault. "What's...wha.." his left arm reached out suddenly across the bed for help. "Nos...Nosferatu!" bending forward his forehead pressed against his knee. He punched the empty blanket, his ears ringing as if a fire alarm was going off inside his head. Which only seemed to get worse when everything went black around him. "I can't see!" he screamed.

"Edric!" our heroine said before she realized he couldn't hear her. The male hybrid felt his fangs extract on their own, as the heat of his sire's arm seemed to appear out of nowhere, pressed to his mouth. Drinking greedily from her, he felt the pressure behind his eyes and ears begin to lessen, his sight returning, as the pain slowly dulled to a slight headache. Edric hadn't realized he was making very loud gulping noises as he fed. "That's enough." she spoke sitting behind him, her arm draped over his shoulder. Wrenching her wrist from his mouth, she gave him a disapproving look.

"What the shack was that?" he asked practically pouting a slight underwater echo still in his ears.  "And why..." he sniffed his armpit. "Do I smell roses?"  our heroine jumped down from the bed crossing to the refrigerator grabbing one of the iv bags. Opening it she sniffed dropping it as if it were something fowl.

"Rose water. Someone added pure rose water to the blood. But how...oh I'm so going to slaughter him!" she shook her head slowly her eyes turning to the pure white of the banshee. "It was The Seer. Had to be! The question is when did he do it?" she slammed her fist into the refrigerator door.

"What does rose water have to do with anything?" Edric asked as he made his way across the length of the building. He stumbled, his balance still off as his ears now felt plugged, as if he had a cold.

"Wild roses." Ruthven said from the other side of the room, still sitting on Edric's bed. He quickly put on his shoes. "Oh my god! So it's true? It's all true? Everything my grandfather told us is for real? Wild roses really works against you? And garlic?"

"Yes, garlic really screws with us. And any roses actually. Not just wild ones" our heroine replied. "How did you not know the blood was tainted?" she asked grabbing the remaining bags tossing them. The male hybrid shrugged.

"I couldn't think straight when I woke up in his car. My head was cloudy from you having snapped my neck, and my nose was overcome by the heavy stench of cigar smoke. Dude open a damned window when you drive got it."

"You didn't taste anything wrong with the blood?" she asked, Edric shook his head no. "And it didn't affect you till now? You drank that when you came in like three hours ago. Why...oh unless it's because you're a hybrid and not a full on banshee. That would have killed me instantly. Now that...I'm not a hybrid anymore."

"I had a slight headache, but I just figured it was cause you snapped my neck." he leaned towards her a snarl in place. Snapping his fingers the hybrid's face softened as the snarl quickly turned into a slick smirk. Edric's blue eyes had fallen to our heroine's right shoulder, the shirt once again slipping over the curve of it. He practically stared a hole into her pale skin.

"Are you about to have one of your 'hi, how you doing?' moments again? Like you did the other night when we were high on Landin's high?" our heroine asked. "Cause you've got that look."

The sandy-blonde male shook his head in a double take blinking rapidly. "I need to get out of here. Get some fresh air. Cause your neck and shoulder are starting to be more erotic then your boobs."

"You're so weird when you're cute. I like weird."  

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. This is why you should always mix your drinks yourself, so no one slips you something)

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