Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The Cinema Files s1 p9

The Cinema Files
page 9, chapter 9

Flowerpot Fantasy

I was restocking the shelves in the drama section, when I felt someone place their hand on my back. The dvds went flying out of my grasp, and my elbow smashed into the edge of the metal rack. "Shack!" I breathed deeply, shaking. "You scared the hell out of me."  Blake's eyes brightened as he laughed with a hint of embarrassment.

"Sorry Mons. Didn't means ta."  he was still laughing as he dipped his chin down, looking up at me from under his lashes. "I'm takin' you ta dinner." he gestured then towards the door as if that was all the discussion needed. "Come on. Grabs your purse and coat. I'm totally flushed Mons. Got 'tis big account come in earlier. Dropped like 'tree gran on a delivery. Tryin' to win his girl back or somethin'. Cleaned out all me roses, every colour..." he waved his hand again towards the door before sticking both his hands in his back pockets. "Taught we could go to the restaurant in the Ruthven." his east coast accent making him sound more embarrassed than he really was.

"You want to go to a hotel for dinner? Now is that because it's the fanciest in town or because it's the restaurant in the hotel?" I bent down awkwardly trying to gather up the dvds.

"Fifty fifty on that." he answered scratching at his nose letting out a small giggle. "Would that be such a wrong 'ting?" he ducked forward his face millimeters away from mine, but never bothered to help clean up the movies. My eyes were caught on the necklace he was wearing under his shirt. A gold chain with a little shamrock swung back and forth rapidly before hitting his chest and stopping. "Besides can't remember the last time we were out...for...for dinner." he had stood back up straight, his gaze now sweeping the building. "Where are they?" his hands slapped his thighs in frustration. "Aw Mons, you did it again didn't ya?" Blake sighed in defeat. "You gave them away. Why do I bothers? Who you give 'em to 'tis time?"

"Vincent wanted them for the coffee shop." I said off handedly about the flowers.

"Vincent wanted so you just handed them to him." Blake swore as he started to move around the room. "Vincent wanted them. Figures."

"I never understood why you don't care for him?" one of the dvds slipped as I was placing it on the rack, knocking two others off with it as they crashed to the floor again.

"Cause Mona, he's had ya wrapped around his finger nearly 'tir'ty years!" Blake ran his hands through his strawberry-blonde hair before closing his ice blue eyes. "Yous jump whenever he calls. You says how high and how long? Got you at his beck and call all hours of the night." he licked his lips tilting his head to the side, his right hand now tapping on the counter. "Is that why you don't want to spend the night with me?"

"Spend the night? I thought you were taking me to dinner? Who said anything about spending the night?" I had my back turned to him now my hands out towards the shelf of movies as if telling the dvds to stop in their tracks.

"That's not what I mean! The other night when I came over you wouldn't even let me in."

"That had nothing to do with Vincent."  the door to the video store opened grabbing both our attention.  The two teenaged girls were giggling wildly over their cell phones as they entered the store.

"No, you believe it never does; does it?" Blake scratched at his ear as he stepped out of the way of the the teenagers. "I had a great day at work and I wanted to share the spoils with you." he started to head for the door, his shoulders slumping as he did. "Forget it. I'm going to the bar."

Dinner ended up being a veggie burger and fries, as I sat at my kitchen table alone two hours later. The files taunting me from the opposite chair. My mind split between the task of thinking about how I might have just lost my last opportunity for a relationship, and the guilt of wanting to beat the police to solving the murders.  Too many of my meals were eaten alone. Too many years of being a hermit had me wondering if I was even capable of being in a relationship anymore? Granted, Blake wasn't the most beautiful guy in my view point, or even the most dependable. But he was the most honest.  The phone rang causing me to jump before staring at it in shock. This foreign thing that was nearly forgotten for cobwebs. It was long after midnight and I wasn't used to hearing the sound of the ring anymore. Crossing to the living room, I answered.

"Hello. I have your friend. Please come outside and get him." the voice was unfamiliar.

"I think you have the wrong number."

"He says he forgot his keys. Please come outside and get him I have another fare waiting." the voice hung up leaving a dial tone in my ear.  Grabbing my keys I made my way out into the building's parking lot to find a cab waiting and Blake standing by the open door, a cigarette hanging out of the corner of his mouth.

Blake was still snoring on the sofa when I was tip toeing around the kitchen at seven in the morning. I had decided to take the day off of work, and already left a message for Vincent to meet up with me later at my aunt's storage unit. Nothing was going to get in my way with finding tattoo chick; not even Blake's hangover.  I was gone for less than four minutes to the bathroom when he got into things. He was always as bad as a kid when it came to getting into places he shouldn't. When I returned, he was sitting at the kitchen table a coffee in hand reading the files.

Tune in again for another installment of the Cinema Files starring your heroine...me(straight up story. Well, we've all got baggage.)

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