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The Nosferatu Adventures s13 p8

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 338, chapter 338


Vlad leaned over the wooden table, it's rich dark wood even darker in the flickering lamp light. The pages before him unreadable to most at this late hour, the words a blur of ink. But his eyes were keener, sharper as he read over the documents. He had come to regret leaving the day to day items in the hands of his advisors. His kingdom might have been protected by his men as they fought the kingdom's borders, but his throne was under siege it would seem from within. At this point, there was nothing expected of him, but to go back and take care of it.

"I'll only be gone a day." he whispered. Our heroine scoffed as she moved through the edges of the camp, a large basket on her hip. "Now now, you sound like a jealous lover." Vlad's lips barely moved as he shifted his own hip to move without appearing to do so around the table. The two vampiric creatures had grown so accustom to communicating without words, their psychic link allowing them to even be in different areas of the camp. "No one will even suspect I'll be on my way. The surprise will be to our advantage."

"What advantage?" she nodded to one of the female companions that had arrived in the last few weeks and begun hanging around the men. Nosferatu was sure some of these companions were spies. Only she had no solid proof. "Why not send one of the pack members as your proxy?"

"No one back at my castle has met any of the pack members. Besides, they are our best defense down here. No one dares attack us at night anymore with the wolves patrolling."

"Vlad darling, no one dares attack us because of the fence of impaled around us."  our heroine's attention now on one female companion in particular. An olive skinned woman who had taken to dancing brazenly for the men every night near one of the bon fires. There was something off putting about her, only our heroine couldn't put her finger on it. The companion wore too many coins on her belt and wrists. Her jewellery a mocking imitation of what a gypsy fortune teller is suppose to look like in bad movies. Only, they were here in the actual 1400's and no one knew what a movie was. They wouldn't be invented for another 400 years. Sniffing, our heroine got nothing but the scent of mud, sweat and rotten fruit. That in itself disturbed the female hybrid, as the one thing lacking was the heavy scent of wet dog. The pack members were off somewhere too far from the camp. Most likely hunting. If nothing else, they did keep the camp from going hungry. The lycanthropes abilities to catch bears, deer and fish were a hundred times better than any of the skilled human hunters.  Our heroine watched as the olive skinned female got up from the bon fire and made her way down to the river with a jug in hand. Deciding to follow her, Nosferatu felt a slight uneasiness begin to pit up in her stomach. Placing her own basket down, our heroine found herself alone. The companion having disappeared into thin air. Confused, she tilted her head to the side trying to catch the female's scent, but there was nothing. Nothing as the air was still no breeze.

"I'm not usually into women. But for our queen I'll make an exception." a voice said suddenly from over our heroine's shoulder.

"Not interested." Nosferatu snarled running the tip of her tongue over her fangs. She hadn't even realized they'd begun to extend.

"Then why are you following me? Don't tell me that you need some pointers on keeping the king happy." the companion's words were meant to sting and not as a question.

"He hasn't complained yet." our heroine's voice never rose above a smooth whisper.

"Then what do you want?" the female was standing now just to the left of our heroine, in the shade of a large tree. "To rob me?" she jangled her wrist, the multitude of coins clanking together catching the fading light. The noise was like an echoing orchestra to our heroine's very sensitive ears; causing her to wince. "You followed me here why?"

"You wandered off alone. None of the other companions ever wander alone. They are always in groups of three or four. But you, you are always alone. Are you not afraid of what might be lurking about?"  our heroine flexed and unflexed her hands, her nails having grown on their own. Shaking her head, she felt her eyes begin to shift as well exposing the amber-grey of the wolf.

"No. I am very well to take care of myself. You on the other hand, seem unwell." her voice took on a sing song tone as she stood now her head down, her skirts in hand. "Might have something to do with the flowers I've strung up." she looked up then gesturing to the tree branches. Our heroine swore as she followed the other woman's gaze. There too high to have smelled and too small to have recognized at first glance, were five small bundles of  purplish-light blue monkshood hanging from a small knot in the tree's trunk. "I was drying them out to crush for their poison."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Remember, back in the 1400's our heroine was still a banshee werewolf hybrid with a soul)

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