Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The Nosferatu Adventures s13 p7

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 337, chapter 337

Out of Time

Five months ago...

He whimpered, he was scared. Cool. Alone. One second he was sniffing the edges of the bookcases, tracking a spider, the next he was underneath a pile of heavy books. The noise hurt his ears. The half St. Bernard half hellhound dug himself up out of the wreckage to find himself alone. He whimpered again as he lifted his front paws as if a child marching in place. But no one came. No one was left to come as the little furball began investigating the emptiness. The people who cared for him were gone. All of them. The auburn haired male werewolf, the two human familiars, even the redheaded human who liked to feed him gingersnap cookies. They were all gone now. Shaking his ears, at lest the horrible noise was over. The pressure had hurt when the noise had happened. His little ears were still not working right, there was still a slight ringing that was keeping him from hearing things the way he should be. The little hellhound mix began sniffing the ground as he tried to remember where everything used to be. Four steps left and there should have been the large sofa and tv, but it wasn't there. Another ten steps straight and the door to the outside should have been there, the one that had the bell on it. But it wasn't there either. Sniff, sniff sniff. He thought he found a scent that he recognized, though it was so weak. With his nose pressed hard to the ground, the little creature began hunting for the people who should have been there.
The sky had gone dark twice since he'd been hunting the scent. His legs were trembling with nearly every step now. His stomach empty and painful. He stopped at a puddle to drink once, but that had been so long ago now. Then suddenly, the scent began to get stronger. He got excited as he followed the scent his head down, before smashing into a glass door. Growling lightly he shook his head again, licking his muzzle as he jumped up on his hind legs, his front paws now pressed against the glass door. The hellhound's nose was working overtime as he found the seem of the door, the scent he'd been hunting just on the other side of the glass.

Detective Arthur Holmwood was standing over his desk, staring down into the box in front of him at the pile of files. He realized that everything he'd worked so hard for the last few years, was gone now. There was no way he'd be able to continue working as a detective being a werewolf. At lest not now. Not when it was still so new, so uncontrollable. Arthur's nose twitched suddenly, his ears perking up. There was another supernatural creature in the area. Very faint, but just close enough to have the new lycanthrope's attention. Licking his lips, the sandy-blonde male straightened up to his full height of over 6'feet, his blue eyes swiftly scoping out the police station. Seeing no threats in the actual building, he shrugged it off. He had been jumpy the last few weeks, since things had gotten quiet with the covens.

"Aren't you a cute little fellow?"  Detective Holmwood looked up from his misery to see one of his co-workers walking towards the break room, a dirty looking dog in her arms. The creature began to snort and whimper as it wriggled in her hands, turning it's head trying to see the source of the scent. It was indeed a werewolf, just not his werewolf.  The little furball let out a howl as he tried to communicate with the shapeshifter.

Something in the pit of Arthur's stomach told him this wasn't an ordinary dog. The fact his instincts were to react like it was another wolf, that he wanted to mark his territory clinched the idea. Quickly, the male crossed into the break room, touching everything as he did. The little hellhound yelped in joy, his front paws treading air as he tried to get to Arthur.

"You found him." the werewolf found himself saying without thinking.

"Oh is he yours?" the female co-worker asked with a hint of sadness to her voice. She had hoped no one was looking for him; had planned on taking him home to her kids.

"Yeah. He must of got out again, followed me to work." the detective said reaching for the hellhound.

"Lost his collar too. What's his name?"   Arthur had to think fast if he didn't give her a name for the creature, she'd know he was lying. His gaze landed then on the cover of a discarded magazine someone had tossed into the bin. There was a picture of one of the actors from that teen vampire movie Quentin had liked.

"Twilight. His name is Twilight." he mumbled embarrassed as he reached for the creature. The little hellhound began licking Arthur's chin clearly happy.

Two hours ago...

Arthur whistled as he entered the warehouse. The fluffy ball of fur bounded over to him, sniffing him wildly. He smelled different, he smelled like soap today. It made the hellhound's nose tickle as he waited for the werewolf to get him a dish of water. Twilight snorted as he saw the way his new caretaker wince as he lifted his one arm. He was still in pain from the bite. Twilight didn't understand why his werewolf hadn't healed yet? It should have healed instantly, but it had been three sun ups since his caretaker had been bitten by that very large creature. Three sun ups since the hellhound had watched his caretaker read from the pages on the table in the middle of the warehouse and open the wall.

"You ready for a walk?" Arthur asked as he grabbed the leash off the table. Twilight grunted as he waited to hear the snap of the leash on his collar. It felt weird still, this thing around his neck. But he knew it was so he didn't loose his caretaker. Knew it was so he didn't have to wander the streets hunting for him if anything happened again. The hellhound tilted his head to the side as he saw the way the male werewolf looked over at the corner of the warehouse. How he looked at the curtained off corner. The corner Twilight had been guarding the last few days. The corner of the building where the large bathtub was. Where she was. The creature that had come from the wall, who had bit Arthur.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your heroine...me(straight up story. Uh oh, somethings fishy)

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