Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 89

Movie: Puss in Boots
Starring: Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek
Genre: Western, Action, Adventure
Year: 2011
Format: Shaw Video On Demand

Plot: Puss is an infamous outlaw who runs into a female outlaw who is working with his brother to gather the magic beans from an evil Jack and Jill.  They want him to join their plan to save the town they grew up in.

This starts off from scene one with questionable plotlines that made me wonder how this could get a G rating and a slot in the Disney Kids section of the video rental.
The animation is so spellbinding I couldn't take my eyes off the screen, but that didn't keep me from shaking my head in wonder on how they got away with a few of the things they did.

The combination of Banderas and Hayek are as natural together as butter on bread.  I think this makes 3 movies for the two to have worked together on? {Once Upon A Time in Mexico, Desperado}

What do I think I learned from this film?
You are where you dream about.

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