Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Movie Club Week 10

As I said earlier, I think having picked Tuesday was a bad day in the week for this.  I'll just jump back and forth between Tuesdays and Wednesdays from now on.
So this week, I think I will go with ... The Little Vampire.

We have a group of vampires trying to preform a ritual, and we see a young boy watching from his bed which happens to be on the water. He sees the ritual get interrupted by a vampire hunter. He then wakes up and we learn it was just a dream.
We learn he's new to Scotland, and has not made any friends yet, as well as his teacher thinking he's crazy with all his talk about vampires.
His parents go to a business dinner, where his teacher happens to be, while he's back at home with a babysitter, and he's dressing up like a vampire.  Little does he know that one of the vampires from his dream happens to be real and flies by his window.  Seeing Tony dressed like a vampire, Rudolph crashes through the window.  He's weak and needs to feed, so Tony takes him to the farm down the road and lets him feed off of a cow.
Meanwhile, the babysitter discovers Tony gone and calls his parents back from the party. 
The next day, his dad's boss gets a visit from a vampire hunter, who sees Tony running around dressed like a vampire and thinks he's really is one.  As Tony and Rudolph try to figure out why Tony has been having dreams about Rudolph and his family and their missing necklace, the hunter goes to the graveyard and lures out the vampires.
We learn that Tony is dreaming about the vampires because the necklace is hidden in his bedroom, and that his dad's boss is the great-great nephew of one of the vampires. And it was her who hid the necklace originally.
The kids get the necklace and take it to Rudolph's father, in order for him to finish the ritual which can only be done once every hundred years because they need to harness the power of a comet. The ritual works, and the vampires become human.

Okay, this is a kids movie.  It's cute and it's based on a series of books and previous television shows. I covered this few days ago on the vampire blog, and thought I'd talk about it on movie club because it's not your average vampire film.
Richard E. Grant plays the part of the vampire father, who you might remember from Bram Stoker's Dracula (the 1992 version)  as the character of Dr. Seward.

I think one of the main themes here is tolerance.  You have a boy who because of his family moving, he is isolated and finds it hard to make friends.  But when he does, it's not the typical kids you would expect.  He befriends a family of vampires, and you're taken through the journey the kids have, of dealing with being different and being bullied because of it.

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