Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sat March 9th

And since no one signed up for today's movie, and the weather is starting to complicate things, no movie club today.

The next for sure movie on the list will be when Star Trek Into Darkness comes out in May.  (I will most likely have another selection in a few weeks. This city doesn't always make it easy to plan ahead as we don't get every film that is released, nor do we seem to keep them for long)

If you are in the Thunder Bay area, and you would like to join me on this, let me know by leaving a comment.  And if you have a scheduling issue or want to see something I haven't suggested, but would still like to do a movie club, let me know. 

Don't forget, those doing the book-movie club, March's selection is Beautiful Creatures. The meeting for that will be March 31st. (more on that closer to the date)

till later

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