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The Nosferatu Adventures S7 p7

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 185, chapter 185

Our heroine found herself being guided behind the main stage, and led onward through the back door of the bingo hall being used by the band. It was one of  five buildings scattered around the fair grounds. She tripped over a box filled with t-shirts nearly falling face first, as she felt a sudden heat  at her waist; Dagan once again propping her up. "You're a terrible drunk."

"I'm not drunk." the female insisted as they walked around the band's equipment in various stages of set up.

"Sure you're not. I saw you come out of the beer tent with those guys." he commented chewing noisily on his gum.

"I don't drink beer. I was just talking to them."

"Oh yeah?" He knocked on the door of the ladies room not waiting. "Coming in there" Opening the door, he shoved our heroine in first, pointing at the sink. "You're covered. The dry cleaning is going to be a bitch."  The auburn haired male ducked back out of the room leaving our heroine alone staring at her own reflection in the bathroom mirror. She was in tears of frustration and humiliation as she turned on the taps, wetting a paper towel trying to clean the vomit off her blouse.  "You might get the stains out, but the smell will haunt you all day. Here use this." a strong pale arm appeared in her line of vision, holding out a small plastic cup filled with a strange foaming concoction.

"What is it?" she asked turning up her nose as she wiped a fresh paper towel across her face.

"Vinegar, baking soda and meat tenderizer."  He wiggled his finger at one of her buttons. "Helps to get all the chunky bits off."  he stretched his neck a few centimeters towards her shrugging. "What? Like you're the first chick to ever puke on me. I'm a roadie, happens all the time." Turning, Dagan put the little cup on the edge of the bathroom sink ripping his own t-shirt off tossing it into the nearest trash can. He stood there for a few long seconds waiting for the initial reaction all women gave him, a flirtatious come on, or dirty cat call, but there was nothing. Throwing a glance at her over his shoulder, the male let his shoulders slump. Our heroine had turned her back to him too busy scrubbing at her ruined blouse to have noticed. The male actually felt a hit to his ego. "So do you have a name?"

"Doesn't everybody?" her voice was still laced with tears. Throwing her hands up in defeat, she let out a heavy sigh. "It's Nosferatu." she tossed the paper towel into the trash, digging through her purse for her make-up bag.

"That's not a name, that's a scary movie. I'm Dagan." he leaned on the edge of the bathroom sink, one foot crossed over the other, scratching his thumb at his upper lip. "That your boyfriend out there?"

"Just met the guy."  Dagan watched in semi-fascination as she pulled a small travel toothbrush and toothpaste out of her make-up bag, and proceeded to brush her teeth. "You're making me feel like a carnival act here. Thanks for the rescue, but I think I can handle it from here."

"You just happened to have a toothbrush on you?" he gestured towards it leaning in over her shoulder to see what else she was hiding in her make-up bag.

"Yes actually I do. Habit I got into back in college." she replied rinsing the little brush recapping it. Our heroine was about to toss it back into the little bag but Dagan had snatched it up shaking the contents.

"Tampons, eyeliner, more tampons." he mumbled as she grabbed it back from him tossing it into her purse. 

"Thanks again for the help." she moved from him, heading back out to the main stage. Spinning on his heels, he decided to follow her, grabbing one of the new t-shirts from the box as he did, slipping it over his head in mid-run. Skidding to a halt just at the edge of the large amps, Dagan cleared his throat rotating his shoulders as he leaned on the closest one a little too casually. 
Ash noticed his buddy as he looked up from his clipboard. He smirked to himself before shaking his head and walking over slowly to where Dagan was.

"She's cute." the overly tattooed male said as he cracked his neck gesturing towards both our heroine and Edward.  Dagan screwed up his nose, his eyes wide in mock horror as he leaned his upper body away from Ash. Raising his right hand, Dagan waved it in front of the older male's face.

"You been drinking? How many fingers am I holding up? She's..." he brought both hands then to his sides pointing out her size. "And not at all..." he then gestured to his face indicating she wasn't pretty.

"I said cute." Ash leaned in slapping his buddy on the back of the skull. "Not beautiful. Besides, some of the chicks I've seen you with...dude you've really lowered yourself at times." Ash turned back to watch our heroine as she stood at the far end of the row of amps, having talked Edward into letting her look at his prized book.  Dagan nodded in agreement, rubbing the back of his skull.

Our heroine stood carefully flipping the pages in the large leather bound book, her earphones once again dangling around her neck, track six starting.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Dagan and Nosferatu seem to have a thing for hanging out in the ladies' room in these alternate worlds.)

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