Sunday, February 15, 2015

Random movie Feb 15th 2015

Lucky Them

plot: A music critic is given the assignment of locating her rockstar ex, who is thought to have killed himself over a decade before. She ends up joining forces with another former lover who decides to make a documentary of the experience.

This is a 2013 film starring Toni Collette and Thomas Haden Church.

This started off very familiar, the first half hour rang so much like the 1989 Canadian rock film Roadkill by Bruce McDonald (about a record production assistant sent to find a missing rock band and the documentary film crew that go with her across Canada)  And for that first half of the movie all I could think of was the original.

I did like this movie. It is subtle in it's portrayal of a woman who is haunted by her past love. She's unable to have a real relationship because she's still clinging so painfully to the memory of what that big love was to her. And in the end, she not only learns to let go, but sees she was the only one stuck in the past.
Johnny Depp has a small 5 minute cameo as the lost rockstar.

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