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The Nosferatu Adventures S7 p5

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 183, chapter 183

Our heroine was trying to get the dog poop off her shoe without toppling over, when she spotted the beautiful dark haired man. He had been sitting a few feet away at a table, getting his palm read.

"That's bull!" he screamed pointing at the woman, standing up he flipped the table over grabbing up his jacket and book moving from her. Storming past our heroine, he didn't bother to look at her as he slammed his shoulder into her.

"Hey!" she turned about to follow him to demand an apology but stepped in the dog poop again. "Damn it!" she let out a huff as she found herself once again cleaning the mess off her shoe.

"You're really unlucky aren't you?" the voice seemed to slither around her on the hint of humour. She nodded as she swore again. "Here, let me help." he reached his arm out for her to take hold, to balance herself. "I'm not going to bite. Or steal your purse promise." The most gorgeous chocolate brown puppy dog eyes smiled at her from under a mess of dark hair. Our heroine found herself stunned for a long few seconds, unable to think straight. "I'm Reuben by the way." he nodded meekly at her.

"Uh...Nos...Nosferatu." she managed to stammer out her name on a near hush. "Thanks."  It was her turn to smile, as she reached up to wipe a piece of candy floss from the corner of his beard. "Hit the snack bar I see." she dropped it to the ground, as Reuben cast his eyes down slightly embarrassed.

"You here with anyone?" he asked clearing his throat, pulling his hair back into a really clumsy ponytail. She shook her head at him, as a chunk of his hair, which was bleached out, fell out of the ponytail and into his eyes. Nodding again, Reuben pulled a pair of glasses out of the messenger's bag he had slung over his shoulder and pointed towards a small tent. "I was just on my way to the beer tent. You've got id right?" he said placing the glasses then on his face, the one arm being held on with what appeared to be a band-aid with fairies and pink stars on it.

"You really are blind without those aren't you?" she said gesturing towards the wired rimmed frames. "Hon, I haven't been carded since you were in diapers."

"I was being a gentleman." he blushed licking his lips. "Alright, I'm still going. Wanna come with me?" he undid the ponytail trying to fix it, only to have the one piece fall into his eyes again.

"What the hell. I've always been a sucker for a man with brown eyes." she found herself oddly unable to keep from wanting to fix his hair for him as they entered the beer tent. The scent of stale beer hit her nose in an assault that was quickly followed by hot dogs. Looking around the tented area, she noticed a small vendor near the back of it by the beer stall. A very tall muscular male with a curtain of dark curls and an armful of tattoos was standing by the entrance. 
Reuben nodded at him, moving quickly towards the larger male, his hand firmly gripped onto our heroine's elbow. She had a difficult time keeping up with him, watching every step now for any indication of more dog crap.

"Rolf!" he slapped the other male on the shoulder. "Been awhile. You still working at Flippie's Pie Hut?" he asked digging into the messenger's bag again for his wallet.

"Na man." he shook his head, the mass of curls falling into his face forcing him to flick it out of the way. "I quit working there last spring. Pulling the night shift most nights now at the hospital." he made a duck bill with his lips as he tilted his head to the side, his hands at his belt. "Pays thirty-five an hour." the smile lit up his eyes, causing small laugh lines to crinkle around them, softening up his fierce appearance. "I'm a male nurse." he gestured his shoulder towards our heroine. "You going to introduce your friend there?"

"No, thought that I would just let her listen to us jabber on for awhile like the rude asses we are. This is Nos." he ran his fingers over the edges of his beard as he turned eyeing the place. "Anything good in here?"

"If you mean what are your chances of scoring? I'd say none all I've seen are old drunk guys and a few under aged teens. But if you're talking about the beer, it all tastes the same." Rolf shrugged flicking his hair again out of his face.

"I'm in the mood for a dog." Reuben replied heading then towards the back of the tent. Rolf said nothing as he gestured for our heroine to pick a table among the pockets of people. They ended up sitting at a picnic table near the far end of the tent, closest to the vendors. Reuben returned, his hot dog already half devoured as chopped onions and mustard covered the edge of his hand, a tray of beers and two more hot dogs in his other one. "They've got fries. Hang on. I couldn't carry it all." he announced as he put the tray on the table and went back for a large basket of fries.

"You're wasting your time you know that right?" Rolf said dropping his voice, leaning across the table to close the gap between them.

"What?" our heroine asked checking the time on a large digital clock over the beer stall.

"Reuben's a flaming hoop." Rolf sniffed as he adjusted himself on the wooden bench having spotted a large blob of gum stuck to the seat a few inches away. Looking at her from the corner of his eye, he saw the disappointment creep into her as her shoulders drooped.

"I had no idea." the female's voice seemed strained as she reached into her purse pulling out the flyer, double checking the time on it. She felt stupid and naive suddenly, thinking Reuben coming to her rescue was anything more then that.

"No idea about what?" Reuben asked as he plunked down beside her. He was so close our heroine could feel the heat of his skin through the material of the green sweater he was wearing as his shoulder brushed her's.

"That you are a sausage hound." Rolf stated flatly as he scratched his jaw.  Reuben looked away from them both, his long lashes brushing against his cheek.

"I'm open to all possibilities." he replied opening his messenger's bag again, pulling out a large stack of comics. "Check those out, just came in." He turned a half inch towards our heroine his knee slamming into her's. "I run a comic book store." Patting her knee he jumped up once more from his seat. "Forgot the ketchup."
Our heroine sighed as she sat there, the thin cord of  her earphones dangling around her neck, the third track having just ended and the intro for track four catching her attention.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. This would be where you go back two parts and look again at the playlist)

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