Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Nosferatu Adventures s7 p10

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 188, chapter 188

Reuben stretched as he moved around the old witch's cabin. It had been a strange few weeks having the cabin to himself. Well, not completely to himself, as Harker was still hanging around, but no other werewolves. Not since the Seer had left back on New Year.

"Pssst. Pssst. Hello?"  a voice tickled his ears causing them to twitch. The mirror was talking to him. Moving towards it, he removed the blanket covering it. "Oh thank god." Nathaniel replied on the other end. "Something's happened. A shift in the timeline. Where is the female? The banshee?"

"Gone." Reuben replied grabbing an apple from the fruit bowl on the kitchen table, biting into it.

"When are you expecting her back?"

"I'm not. There's a force field keeping her out." the dark haired werewolf spat the core into the trash. "What's got your boxers in a bunch?"

"My books have changed." the image on the other side of the magick mirror was walking out of frame his hands gesturing to an area Reuben couldn't see. The werewolf shook his head jumping up on the back of the sofa, perched hovering there, his hands over his knees as he waited.

"Shacking old dudes."

"I heard that." Nathaniel said on his end of the mirror as he returned into view.

"I meant you to." he said scratching at his neck and beard. "Damn fleas." Letting out a deep breath that puffed his cheeks out, Reuben growled sniffing. "So what is it? You said something about the time?"

"Timeline. I said the timeline had shifted." he removed the little wired glasses pinching the bridge of his nose as he held one of the books up to his side of the mirror.  Reuben shrugged.

"What am I suppose to be seeing here?" The shapeshifter's nose began to burn as the air changed carrying on it the scent of muddy dog. The warmth of fur touched his arm as Dewy jumped up beside him. The now full grown timber wolves roamed freely between the old witch's cabin and Ash's. Rufus and Matilda were still outside lounging by the chicken coop. The two males had adopted the stray female, in a brotherly fashion. Smirking Reuben let out a snort as he thought about it. "Man have you gotten it easy. What I wouldn't give to be able to just stay in wolf form all the time and not have to deal with all the human crap." he patted the timber wolf before turning his attention back to the mirror. "What you got?"

"The covens. They were originally wiped out. The ones connected to the Seer...well his ancestor...or past life Edmund. Now...this book has a new entry a recent one. Well recent for my time." he looked at him. "What year is it on your end?"

"2015. Why what's the year where you are?"


"And this doesn't have anything to do with that one surviving member of the coven you talked about before?"

"No. No this is a completely new entry." he flipped the pages in the book his mouth having fallen open in confusion. "There's more now. Four whole pages...but but there was only one paragraph few hours ago." he closed the book his hand rustling through his short hair. "It's gotten worse rapidly."

"You going to tell me what it says?"

"Uh...yes yes alright." he traced his finger down the page mumbling to himself as he located what was upsetting him. "One of the covens that worshiped Edmund, or the demon they believed him to be. They not only survived, but grew in devotees."

Reuben shook his head at him as he jumped off of the sofa stalking towards the mirror. "Wait wait." he pulled his long dark hair back into a perfect too smooth to be human ponytail. "That's like nothing. What the hell is all the fuss about?" he sniffed rubbing his nose.

"The fuss is the fact that something happened to have this happen." Nathaniel's voice rose in pitch as he began to wave the book around in frustration. "Something on your end. A spell so powerful that it changed history. What are you not understanding here? You're a werewolf for god sakes! The all mighty protectors of the supernatural. Loki's favourites, blessed with the divine blah blah blah." he slammed his palm down hard on a stack of books nearest him on the edge of his desk.

Reuben sighed stretching again feeling the desire to hunt. "Okay, then why were you looking for Nosferatu? Huh?"

"You will need to open a time portal. You need a banshee to do that."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. You all forgot about the mirror didn't you?)

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