Saturday, September 26, 2015

Random movie -Hotel Transylvania 2

plot: Mavis and Jonathan get married and have a son. Dracula is worried because Dennis has yet to fang, while Mavis is content to believe he's totally human. But it's looking more and more like the newest Dracula is nothing more then a typical 5 year old. Dracula convinces Jonathan to take Mavis to visit his parents in the U.S, while the rest of the gang take little Dennis on a crash course in being a monster, in hopes that he'll get his fangs. But, when everything goes wrong, Mavis decides it's time to move away from the hotel, and invites her grandfather Vlad to visit one last time.

This is a 2015 animated comedy starring Adam Sandler and Kevin James.

So I got to the cinema today, and you know I've been looking forward to this film for over a year since I found out they were doing a sequel.
I have to say, there was one big flaw and that is the fact Mel Brooks doesn't have enough air time.
There is one great gag that is clearly a toothy smirk to both Bram Stoker's Dracula from 1992 and Mel Brook's Dracula Dead and Loving It from 1995.  hint...the big haired wig.

I'm trying to write this without giving away too many spoilers as this is it's opening weekend.


There is a comic-ly touching scene where Jonathan hugs the wall of the castle and says that it is the only place he's felt like he can truly be himself. Meanwhile, Mavis is doing everything possible to be more human and fit in. When she goes to the U.S., she realizes how sheltered she really was and expresses the fact she's envious of Jonathan's life before he met her.  (I nearly cried cause that hit home for me big time) All the while, their little bat-boy who is obsessed with both Batman and the Cake Monster (total rip off of Cookie Monster) just wants to hang out with the werewolf pups and be like all the monsters he has come to know and love. 
There is even a scene where Dennis is standing on a very unsafe stack of boxes trying to will himself into being a bat so that he can fly; knowing that if he's a vampire they won't need to move away.  

The themes here are accepting yourself as well as those who are different then you. Being comfortable in your own skin. And not forcing yourself to be what other people might expect you to be if it's not who you feel you really are.
I love the fact that they made Mavis this sort of wide eyed innocent girl even though she's suppose to be a few hundred years old. That one of the other sub-plots running through the film is that just because your current phase in life has changed, that doesn't mean you have to give up what makes you happy; what makes you -you at your core.  Which is expressed in a scene where Mavis and Jonathan are watching a group of kids bike and skateboard, and she expresses the desire to join them, but cuts herself off at first saying she's a mom there fore too old, but Jonathan talks her into just going with the flow and enjoying the moment.

*End of Spoilers*

There was a few times in this film I nearly cried, but I managed to keep it together as the comedy was quick enough to overshadow any really heavy scenes. 

There is talks already of a part 3 coming out in the next few years. Personally, I'd love to see how the new character of little Dennis handles human school or something along that line.

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