Friday, September 4, 2015

Theme Week p3-Sandler's Drac Pack


plot: After asking his girlfriend to marry him and being turned down, a zookeeper discovers that he can communicate with the animals, and ends up getting relationship advice from them.

This is a 2011 comedy staring Kevin James and Adam Sandler

I actually found this to be a fairly decent, if not predictable, movie. It was charming enough to be something you might want to watch on a Sunday afternoon.  There is a lot of computer graphics as all the animals talk at some point in the film.
You have your typical boy meets girl, boy gets dumped, boy fails to see his best friend who is in love with him plot happening, but otherwise it makes for a good romantic comedy.

It's also a buddy movie given the fact he becomes best friends with a large talking gorilla that he takes to a bar. Yeah, it sounds twisted but proves to be right on the money.

Kevin James does the voice of Frankenstein and Sandler of Dracula in both Hotel Transylvania films.

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