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The Nosferatu Adventures s9 p19

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 243, chapter 243

Rolf's Kingdom

"It's been 8 years. Get over it already." Maxwell said too casually as he popped a grape into his mouth, his boots up on the table.

"Dude! He's an immortal creature who lost the love of his life..."

"Not the love of my life." Dagan interrupted raising his right arm, his face pressed against the table.

"...the love of his life to another man." Rolf continued barely glancing at the auburn haired male as he leaned on his end of the dinning table, his arms crossed. "Immortal. He's not suppose to loose her to another man, he's suppose to out live her. You don't get over it."

"She was his mate too." Maxwell pointed towards the door as if that was a good enough substitute for Reuben who was out hunting.

"Na, na that was different." Rolf shook his head, his long curtain of dark curls falling on his shoulders. "Reuben was only her mate out of ...of duty. Not love." he raised an eyebrow as if to challenge the older male.

"Can we get over this topic please." Dagan's voice squeaked as he spoke to the table top, his head down, forehead pressed to it. "You two are giving me a headache." he turned his face first to the right his cheek pressing tight to the coolness of the table, as he glanced at Maxwell, then slowly to the left to look at Rolf, before sitting up leaning back in the chair with a thug. "She was my mate. Which was an accident..."

"Only the first time bud." Rolf smirked as he thought about the absolute fear both Dagan and Nosferatu had when they learned he'd claimed her all those years ago. The vampire sire bond triggering the claiming.

"It was the sire bond." the auburn haired male said reaching for his tea cup batting it back and forth between his hands, sloshing the remains of the cup.

"And look how long it took us to get you back to normal." Rolf said off handedly sniffing.The two being separated had turned Dagan into a drooling mess, loosing his humanity with the physical distance between them. This last time, they finally had to break down and ask Bacchus for help. 

"And now you're okay. Now you should be totally free of  the woman. Clearly, I'm a better man then you because you don't see me pining away like a love sick dog." Maxwell commented locking his fingers together over his stomach.

"You weren't mated to her." Rolf remarked.

"We share a son."

"That Loki magickally got her pregnant with. Doesn't matter." Rolf continued to defend his adopted sister. His hand twitched as he brought it up to his face scratching at his jaw.  Ever since Dagan had returned from the time portal, Rolf had been getting these odd muscle spasms in his hands and arms. Getting up slowly from the table, he let his chair scrape on the floor echoing in the large dinning hall. "Can I leave you two alone for awhile or should I just pull up the carpet now?" he gestured to the floors.  Dagan didn't bother to look at him as he stretched both hands first out to his sides then behind his chair, his tongue darting out over his bottom lip nearly to his chin as he made a noise like a little kid. Rolf continued out of the room, his mind filled with suspicions.
Why was Maxwell's son the only one of the litter to survive? How did he know coming through the time portal would keep them safe? Why did the gypsy witch open the portal for him to begin with? What happened to Vlad?  Too many pieces to the puzzle and it all stuck in Rolf's throat like a bad chicken bone. Slamming the door to the library open, he cleared his throat flicking his long hair out of his face.
Harker was standing next to the large desk, piles of books open spilling everywhere as the two way mirror showed the Sea Witch on the other end. Not bothering to acknowledge him, the werewolf went right up to the magick mirror and tapped on it, getting the witch's attention. "I need to send Harker on a small errand. Might take a few days. Are you cool with that?"

"There must be a receiver on your end of the mirror. No." the witch said crossing her arms in defiance.

"I'm sure the rest of us can handle the books for a few days. He needs a break, and he's the only one who is physically capable of this errand."

Out of Time

"Detective Holmwood"  the blonde man said into the phone as he straightened his tie.

"Yes, I'd like to report a mugging."  the voice said on the other end.

Reaching for a pen Arthur began to take notes. "Where was this?"

"The hotel in the middle of town. Dinning room."

"And what did the mugger look like?"

"Short. Very very short. Sort of pale. Pale and translucent. And green. He ran right through me. I've been slimmed."

Clicking his tongue against his teeth, Arthur dropped the pen back on his desk letting out a deep sigh. "Very funny." hanging up he flopped back against his chair sighing.

"Why so glum chum?"  Jim asked as he sauntered up to Arthur's desk, cell phone in hand. "Not liking X-Files duty?"

"You shouldn't be so quick to judge."

"You pissed off the chief, and now you have a pile of completely unsolvable cases. Take that little joke as batting practice." Jim said waving his cell phone at him. "Every nutbar and arsehead in the area will be keeping your phone ringing come nightfall."

"No case is unsolvable." Arthur replied picking up the pen again holding it between his two forefingers. "Sometimes you just have to look at them from another angle."

"Yeah, like through a crystal ball?" Jim snickered. "Admit it, you don't have any leads on this current case load because there isn't any." he picked up a stack of files slamming them back down on the desk for emphasis. "You should hand them over to the vet, because that's where they belong. Say it with me now, animal attacks."

"Animal attacks? You buy that? They are too precise. All within a particular radius." Arthur answered balancing the pen then on his top lip.

"Well, maybe it was an owner and his dog? You know like a rabid dog fighter or something?"

"Well even so, that's not the kind of neighbourhood that sees much crime. In any form. Something just isn't adding up here."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Yep, two mysteries unfolding) 

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