Thursday, November 26, 2015

Theme Week p3-Frankenstein

Victor Frankenstein

plot: The young doctor saves the life of a circus hunchback, after witnessing the hunchback's quick thinking in saving the trapeze performer from a fatal fall. Taking him home, Victor straightens his back for him, giving him the name of his former roommate, Igor. Igor then becomes not only Frankenstein's assistant, but his best friend, as they begin work on the first round of animal trials before finally attempting Frankenstein's first creature.

This is the 2015 drama horror starring James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe.  Based on the classic novel by Mary Shelley.

Yes, I got to the cinema today. Always a happy-happy-joy-joy when I can manage to make it there. And ironically, the release of this movie is NOT why I picked the theme week this month to be Frankenstein, just a happy coincidence, then again, I don't believe in coincidence. Seriously, I had done vampires and werewolves earlier in the year, and had thought Frankenstein would be nice for later in the season, and...nobody really cares about that so...

I liked this version. SPOILER ALERT - if you're going to see this with the intent of seeing a typical telling of the Frankenstein story, you'll be disappointed. This is told from the point of view of the character Igor, and has more to do with his journey then it actually does with Frankenstein's.  
We see Igor's love interest, his share of the experiments, his battle of morality not Victor's. The creature itself is on screen for only the last 5 minutes of air time. 

Both characters start off being hunted by a detective who comes across in a very Sherlock Holmes sort of way, which is ironic in itself given the actor -Andrew Scott- played lead villain Moriarty, in the BBC version of Sherlock.  

Then ending leaves the story semi-open to tell further adventures of the classic characters, which I for one really liked.

After seeing McAvoy playing the lead character of Frankenstein, I don't think I'll ever be able to think of another actor in the role. He plays it with such an air of psychotic glee that he sends chills up your spine with a certain wide eyed grin. You almost have to wonder what dirty thoughts were going through his mind for those close ups?

That's about all I can say without giving away too much of the movie.

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