Sunday, November 22, 2015

Theme Week -Frankenstein

I, Frankenstein

plot: After the death of his creator, Adam a soulless creature, is taken hostage to meet the queen of the gargoyles, and asked to be a warrior in a ancient fight against demons. 200 years later, still working on the side of the gargoyles, Adam, discovers that the king of the demons had found Dr. Frankenstein's journal. The very blueprints that created Adam himself, and is using it to create an army of undead. An army of soulless creatures, as strong and immortal as Adam.

This is the 2014 action thriller starring Aaron Eckhart and Bill Nighy. Based on the graphic novel.

Okay, so this looks like the Underworld series, it feels like the Underworld series, it's done by the people from the Underworld series, it has actors from the Underworld series, it plays like ... you get the idea. The only problem is it's not as good. It's lacking well...soul ironically.

This is the whole main theme. Soul vs not having a soul. How does one truly get a soul? Are you born with a soul? Do you earn it? Does it just happen one day?   We see stories all the time that talk about loosing your soul because of greed and pain, but this is the first real attempt I've come across in decades (pretty much since the last round of Frankenstein films) that breech this topic.

The idea is there, somewhere buried under too much special effects, and some tired plot. I just think this film would have been better if it was less computerized and more old school. It might have had a fighting chance.

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