Monday, September 10, 2012

Quote for the day- Sept 10th

Another round of randomess from the ghoul next door...

Today's quote is from the The Goonies. (1985)

Mouth -"This was my dream. My wish, and it never came true. I'm taking it back, I'm taking them all back."

From the scene when the kids are in the underwater caves and find the fallen coins from the town wishing well. 

The really scary part is I know the Goonie Oath by heart after almost 30 years....

I will never betray my goon-dock friends, 
We'll stick together till the whole world ends,
Through heaven and hell, 
And nuclear war,
Good pals like us will stick like tar,
In the city, or country, or forest or boonie,
I'm proudly declared a fellow Goonie.

My dorkdom knows no boundaries

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