Saturday, September 1, 2012

What that movie inspired me to do #5

When I saw the movie, Ramen Girl,  I became obsessed for about 6 months with the whole idea of ramen.  I spent days at a time trying to make what I thought was the perfect broth. Which, given the fact I'm vegetarian, is not a simple thing at all.

I still have not managed to.
Every time I came across any recipe that mentioned ramen, I added it to my bookmark on my webbrowser or printed it out.  Every time I spotted a cooking show that had a segment about it, I was glued to it.  

I'm writing this now, because I'm reading a book about how one man changed his life around because of ramen noodles. And it got me thinking about my own obsession few years ago, all because of a movie about a girl and a ramen noodle chef.
Many people, and many times in our lives, we forget the connection food has to our emotions, our souls.  The movie The Ramen Girl,  is a reminder of that.

I'm still on my ramen journey, but I would not have started it if it hadn't of been for the small film starring the late Brittany Murphy.  I might add, this is the only one of her films I actually enjoyed.

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