Saturday, September 22, 2012

Top 5 Jude Law

If you've read my list of top 5 fav male heart throbs, then you know I have a thing for Jude Law.
I thought I would give a short run down of some of my favourite films that he's in.

1. Immortality Wisdom of Crocodiles

2. Sherlock Holmes 2 Game of Shadows

3. Closer

4. eXistenZ

5. Breaking and Entering

I have seen him playing the supporting role more then the lead, but the first movie I saw him in was the lead in Immortality Wisdom of Crocodiles. Where he played a vampire.

The Sherlock Holmes movies, are favourites -yes I only listed the second but I really like both in the series so far- because he manages to balance the comedy in moments of total seriousness. I can't picture anyone else ever playing Watson again.

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