Thursday, January 31, 2013

Top 5 Hints You're in an 80's movie

 I haven't done a Top 5 in awhile, and thought that this would be an interesting waste of time... one to do.  Silly, fun and I think...totally awesome.

Top 5 hints you might be  doing a movie from the 1980's if...

1.   You find your costume has a lot of neon.

2.  You find you are wearing shoulder pads the size of a small bus

3.   You find yourself in a high school prom/dance at the big finale and/or have a break dancing scene or dance off for no real reason

4.  You're a 35 year old actor cast to play a 17 year old

5.  The words totally, gag me, like,  and/or awesome dude  are highly peppered in your character's vocabulary.

Bonus.....  6.  If you are in a movie about a sport and suddenly there is a five minute training montage

7.  You find the make-up and hair department used two full bottles of hairspray on you resulting in either a headache from the spray and/or weight of your hair, a strange stickiness at the back of your throat from accidentally breathing in the hairspray, your hair is so big you have to bend to fit through a door.  (or a combination)

till later

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