Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Jan 11th 2013

Once again, it's a Friday and time for the weekly round up for the vampire challenge on my vampire blog.

Saturday.... Day 5, I covered the movie  Vampire Clan,  and WWBD? part 3

Sunday was... Day 6, and I covered the movie Vamps

Monday was Day 7, and I covered the 1979 made for tv movie Vampire

Tuesday was Day 8,  and that was the next installment of WWBD? part 4

Wednesday was Day 9, and the movie de jour was Draghoula 

Thursday was Day 10, and I covered the movie The Caretaker

Also, on this blog, Tuesday nights are Vampire Movie Club,  this week I decided to talk about Draghoula. (See my last post)  I will do my best to go into so much detail on movie club posts.

So this week was a bit more organized then last week. So yay team blog.
And now coffee.

Till later

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