Sunday, January 20, 2013

Coffee-Talk Sunday 20th Jan

The new show  Ripper Street  premiered in Canada this week, on the Space channel. (on the BBC America in the U.S.)
The British mini-series (8 episodes I think?)  takes place a few months after the crimes of Jack the Ripper, and follows the police as they deal with the aftermath.

I had a chance to catch the pilot episode on Space Channel website this morning (which strangely is down right now)  and was surprised at how similar I found it to be to another British show I've gotten hooked on MI-5 (Spooks outside of Canada)
Given that Ripper Street takes place 124 years ago, when solving crimes like that were nearly impossible and MI-5 is current with the use of every technical gadget around; you might at first wonder how well the detective drama would translate? Well, it translates perfectly.
I've been interested in the history of Jack the Ripper for years, and was hoping this show would have a bit more of the actual suspects in the plot, but it at this point doesn't seem like it's going to flow that way.

But, that doesn't take anything away from the intensity of the story.

The opening credits put me in mind of the two Sherlock Holmes movies.  The whole look of this episode had me thinking at any moment someone was going to scream for Watson. 

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